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You’re probably familiar with epoxy at some level, but what exactly is this unique substance? From adhesives to flooring, epoxy has several properties that make it special. Read on to learn just what epoxy is and how it can be applied in various ways.

How it’s Made

Epoxy is created by mixing two different compounds known as a resin and a hardener. When the resin is mixed using a specific formula, the two ingredients begin to cure.

Curing is when molecular chains react chemically, forming a strong bond. When the resin and the hardener, or catalyst, are combined, it creates a strong, rigid material. Thermoplastic polymers may also be added to increase the hardness factor of epoxy.

The level of curing depends on the type of resin, the hardening compounds used, and the temperature at which curing is performed. The result is that you can choose to use a variety of epoxies depending on your individual needs.

Thanks to its incredibly strong properties, epoxy is a dynamic material that has been proven to provide additional strength to airplane parts, safety helmets, and more.


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How to Use Epoxy

In most cases, epoxy is used as a strong adhesive that can easily adhere to a wide range of materials like metal, wood, and more. You can find epoxy at most hardware stores sold as a general purpose adhesive.

Aside from its super-sticky makeup, epoxy can also be used as a binder for cement and mortar. It also makes an excellent non-skid coating for flooring in a garage or other setting where there is a lot of activity or machinery.

Depending on the properties, epoxy is also used for industrial coatings and in rigid foam materials. You may also see it included as part of strong, fiber-reinforced plastics.

The Properties of Epoxy

There’s a wide range of benefits to using epoxy in many different settings. The properties of epoxy depend on the specific chemical makeup in which the two ingredients were cured.

Epoxy is extremely resistant to chemicals and heat, and it’s also highly water resistant. It provides incredible adhesion to an assortment of surfaces, which is why it’s often sold for home improvement purposes.

It’s also an outstanding insulator and can be found in both mechanical and electrical applications. The material is extremely tough and you might even be surprised to know that it’s commonly used to manufacture things like snowboards and skateboards.

With a long shelf life and no VOC emissions, epoxy makes an excellent component for everything from aircraft parts to circuit boards. From bonding and sealing to encapsulation, this incredible material is highly versatile.

A Truly Versatile Material

From garage floors to industrial parts, epoxy offers an incredible range of uses and applications. This versatile material can be customized for almost anything imaginable.

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