what is an exterminator?

Every year, nearly 85% of homeowners experience some kind of a pest problem or infestation.

Common pests include termites, ants, rodents, fleas, spiders, mosquitos, and, yes, those dreaded bed bugs. If you have any of these creatures in your home or business, we know that you want to get them out as soon as you can.

You may think that you can solve the issue with a little DIY pest control, but the truth is that infestations are often much larger than people realize. By the time you’ve spotted these pests, they’re already well on their way towards taking over.

Why not eradicate the problem once and for all by hiring a professional pest exterminator?

These are trained and qualified experts that can correctly identify pests, offer you a variety of treatment options, and implement them safely and effectively.

It’s the best way to keep your home, family members, pets, employees, and customers safe and sanitary. Before you start searching for “exterminator near me” online, read this post to know exactly what to expect from professional exterminators.

Why Go with a Professional Pest Services near Me?

There are countless reasons why you should go with a professional exterminator that reach far beyond a complete eradication of your pest issue (with multiple visits, if necessary.)

First of all, you’ll be able to choose between a wide variety of treatments, and will often receive a dual barrier of protection from granular and liquid insecticides.

This way, you’ll get both fast-acting pest control and long-term prevention and protection.

When you go with an expert, you’ll also be able to choose the level of treatment you want or need. You can select from exterior-only protection, interior and exterior protection, and much more.

Additionally, a professional can work to pinpoint the source of your infestation, and get rid of any nests, cracks, and even pests lurking inside of your electrical outlets. They can also help you to identify which specific pests you have, judging by noises, markings on your walls, droppings, and the level of damage to your home.

Above all, you should work with a professional pest exterminator for safety reasons.

Some pests, especially rodents, can transmit dangerous diseases that can make your family and pets seriously ill.

And if you have young children, animals, and people with weaker immune systems living in your home or workplace, it is not worth potentially exposing them to the serious chemicals and poison contained in many insecticides. If you try to handle things on your own, you could misuse these insecticides, or fail to wait the proper amount of time before interacting with surfaces you treated.

Exterminations, and any chemical solutions needed should be handled only by a qualified professional.

Especially if you work in the healthcare, elder care, hotel and hospitality management, or food/beverage industries, finding quality pest control services is a must.

What to Look for in an Exterminator near Me?

So, you’re ready to start looking for the answer to the question, “Where can I find quality pest control near me?”

You need to know what sets superior exterminating companies apart from the rest.

First of all, ensure that the company is completely licensed and insured before you decide to work with them. You can ask to see a copy of their business license if it will make you feel more secure.

Next, figure out the kind of experience they have with your specific infestation.

If you’re a commercial business, have they worked with a space of your size before? How long will the entire extermination process take, and will employees need to vacate the business?

If you need pest control services for your residence, talk to them about how they’ll protect your belongings, if you’ll need to leave the home, and how they’ll ensure that it’s safe for your family and pets to enter the home after the treatment is completed.

If you’re dealing with termites and bed bugs especially, ask about things like heat treatments, liquid termiticides, and bait.

Other Things to Consider

You should speak with the owners or representatives of the pest control company over the phone to figure out how long they’ve been in business, what kinds of guarantees they offer, and what will happen if you find pests in your home after treatment is finished.

Now is also the time to thoroughly read online reviews about the company you’re considering working with. Type in “pest control in my area” on third-party review sites, and see what past customers have to say.

You should also speak with past references to ensure that the services were carried out on time and in a professional manner. Did the pests return, and if so, what was the response of the pest control company?

Additionally, make sure that you understand the costs of working with professional pest control services. Yes, you want to get a great deal — but you also want to make sure you get rid of the infestation for good.

Ready to Work with a Trusted Pest Control Company?

Still asking the question, “Where can I find a great exterminator near me?”

If you live in the Jackson metro area, we have your answer.

At Synergy², we offer impeccable commercial and residential pest control services — done your way. This means no long-term contracts, confusing prices, or upsells on services you don’t need.

Whether you want to schedule a one-time exterminator, a monthly service, or even if you need emergency pest control services, we’re here to make sure you get exactly what you need.

We can’t wait to earn your business, so reach out to us to learn more about what sets us apart from other exterminators in your area. If you’re looking for an exterminator near me in the Jackson metro area, find out how pest management involves much more than simply exterminating.