A CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community also known as a LifePlan community), is a living option for seniors who want to live independently but prefer residing in a community of their peers with the option to increase helpful services as they age. CCRC stands for Continuing Care Retirement Community, and these communities offer a number of services that can widely assist seniors whenever they need them. In addition, they offer seniors the option to age in place, rather than forcing them to uproot their lives as their abilities change.

What Makes a CCRC Special?

A CCRC is a special type of senior housing that allows seniors to take advantage of the precise services they need to live comfortably and safely. Seniors often want to live independently for as long as they can, and this type of senior care facility provides this option. They are also living within a vibrant community, so they do not feel isolated. In the event of a change in their ability to live independently, additional services can be provided either in the area in which they already live or in areas close by.

Residents of a CCRC can reevaluate their needs as time goes on while essentially remaining in the same place, thus eliminating disruption in their lives as they grow older.

What Services Do CCRCs Offer Seniors?

Services at these senior housing facilities can range from little to nothing, as is the case with independent senior living, to skilled nursing and assisted living. Emergency medical assistance is also an option, so the families of seniors living in a CCRC know their loved one has help on hand if necessary. Also, these facilities often offer a number of other services, such as bathing and hygiene assistance, housekeeping, transportation, and activities and outings.

Almost anything a senior could need is available at a CCRC. Depending on the CCRC’s pay structure, those who do not require a particular service simply do not pay for it. If things change over time and another service is needed, seniors can add to their care without having to move outside the community they love.

Choosing a CCRC for Senior Care

CCRCs give seniors and their family members the greatest peace of mind when it comes to all-inclusive senior housing. As multiple service options are available for whenever a senior requires them, CCRCs provide the most freedom, protection, and ease for those who wish to age in place as effortlessly as possible during their golden years.

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