Life comes at you fast. One minute, you’re enjoying a long weekend road trip, and the next your stranded on the side of the road.

Most Americans don’t have enough money in savings to deal with emergency situations. Luckily, there are options available for those that need money to get them out of tight spot.

Payday loans with no credit check can provide you with the money you need for life’s emergencies. If you need one of these loans, here’s everything you’ll need.

What Are Payday Loans With No Credit Check?

A payday loan provides you with quick money when you need it the most. These loans get you through until your next payday.

You borrow money with the promise to repay it on the date of your next payday. These loans carry a higher interest rate than traditional loans because of the short turnaround time.

The best part about these loans is that you don’t need much for approval. As long as you have the documents and information listed below, you could have the money you need in as little as 24 hours.

What Information Will You Need

To get a payday loan, you’ll need to provide the company with your banking information. There are two ways to do so depending on where you get your loan from.

For an online payday loan, you’ll provide your bank account routing number and account number. This information allows them to deposit the funds into your account and withdraw the payment when it’s due.

You also need to provide information that proves you’re a U.S. citizen and over the age of 18. You’ll need a social security number, but most lenders don’t run a credit check. The SSN is only for identity verification purposes.

Also, lenders want to know where you work, when you get paid, and proof of income. This information helps to let them know that you’re able to pay back the loan they provide.

You’ll need to provide an active phone number that allows you to receive messages and phone calls from the lender. This will make sure they can communicate with you if there is a problem with the loan or repayment.

The information you have to provide for payday loans with no credit check pales in comparison to that of a traditional loan.

Get the Money You Need Today

By using Bonsai Financial, you’re able to connect with lenders from the comfort of your living room. All you have to do is fill out a quick form, and we’ll work to find you the best loan for your situation.

We work with companies that offer everything from payday loans with no credit check to traditional installment loans. If you need help with a financial emergency, fill out this form, and our team will start looking for your best option today!