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Are you dreaming of building your own business online? Is your current business outgrowing your location and capacity?

If you want to increase your current company or build a new company from the ground up, but without the hassle of inventory and distribution, then white labeling is the answer for you.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what that is or how it works; we’ll walk you through it. Keep reading to find out what white labeling is and how it can help your company grow.

What Is White Labeling?

You want to create your own online store. You want to sell widgets that help your neighbor’s dog. But you don’t want to create the product, manufacture it, and store all the products in your garage.

You want to build an online store and sell your widgets, but without all the hassle. This is where white labeling can come into play and help you create a business without creating the product.

The term white label comes from the fact that you will find a merchant that produces the product you want to sell on your website. You will then contract with them to produce these products with a blank “white” label that you will then brand and sell.

Now, all you have to do is add your brand and market the product. Additionally, if you can find a manufacturer that will also do your distribution, you will be able to run your business completely hands-off from the product you’re selling.

What Are the Advantages of White Labeling?

The advantages of running your business hands-off are that you can focus on building your business and marketing your products. Some of the advantages of white labeling include:

  • Stop warehousing all your products
  • Improve your profit margins
  • Eliminate all shipping costs and labor
  • Eliminate your overhead
  • Focus on your business

Anything you want to sell can be manufactured as a white label product. From physical products such as t-shirts and oils to software programs and apps to services you sell to clients, you can find a white label provider.

What Is a White-Label Service?

Now that you know what white labeling is, and why you should choose it to streamline your business, how you find the best distributor? You can use a white label service or provider to help you find the perfect manufacturer to work with.

We live in a global society. This can be good, and it can have drawbacks as well. You don’t necessarily find the cheapest product. Your name is going to be put on these and sold all over the world.

Take the time to find a quality product with intense quality control to ensure you’re selling an item you can be proud to put your branding on. There are many white labeling services that can help you find a great product.

How Do White Labels Work for Software?

Likewise, you don’t need to sell white label products to take advantage of this great business model. You can sell software as a service, or you can utilize software programs to improve your current business model.

From social media marketing to mobile apps, if you’re looking to resell a program, there is a provider willing to sell it to you. Remember, the great advantage of white-label products is that each company can focus on its strengths. You can focus on marketing and selling the product while the manufacturer can focus on creating and distributing a great product, software, or service.

One example of a software program that can help your business is a rewards program app.

From Your Products to Your Software Programs

Are you still asking your employees to offer a traditional punch card to every customer? Do your customers constantly ask for a new card after losing their old one? You want to move away from this out-dated method, but how can you make your own loyalty rewards software program?

The answer is, you don’t have to. Choose a white label software system that will have all your branding on it and improve your customer service. Your customers will be able to download an app that has your branding, and it will look like you made it yourself.

From SMS texting to scanning codes and incentivizing social shares, you can run your entire smart rewards program without any knowledge of programming or creating an app. An app and texting capabilities mean you can take your rewards program to the next level with flash sales, gamification, and social sharing capabilities.

Improve customer engagement and promote your business through our white label customer rewards software program.

Use This Business Model So You Can Get Back to Your Business Today

As you build your dream business, you might find that you want less overhead and fewer working pieces. Consider outsourcing as much as you can, and this includes white labeling.

You want to improve your customer service and bring back your loyal customers. The best way to do this is through a streamlines rewards program. Don’t try to create this yourself; get back to working on your business.

We create the software that you can use to build your rewards program, but we sell it to you without our label on it. You put your label and branding on the software, so all your customers see is your company and your brand.

Don’t reinvent the wheel and take away the headache and hassle of creating your own rewards program, instead reach out to us today to see how we can bring your out-dated rewards punchcard into the 21st century.