After a wisdom tooth removal, patients expect to undergo pain as they heal. Bad breath after wisdom teeth removal can be a surprise. While it may sometimes be a sign of a problem, it is actually relatively normal to have bad breath after a wisdom tooth removal.

What Causes Bad Breath After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Experiencing bad breath after wisdom teeth removal is quite common. In most cases, this happens while your body heals. In the first few days after the procedure, there may be extra bleeding. This may cause an unpleasant taste and odor in your mouth.

If blood flow is the cause, try sipping water slowly to freshen your breath. Do not use mouthwash in the first 24 hours or until your dentist says that it is okay.

In some cases, bad breath after wisdom teeth removal is a sign of dry socket. If you look at the treatment spot, you might see a dry opening instead of the normal blood clot. Dry socket generally causes pain about two days after you remove the tooth. Before long, the pain can radiate to your ear and become severe.

This condition is more common if you have poor oral hygiene or smoke. It is also more likely if you use birth control pills or had more trauma than usual during your surgery. If you rinse, spit, or drink through a straw after a wisdom tooth removal surgery, it increases your chances of having dry socket.

If dry socket is the cause, your dentist may recommend an over-the-counter painkiller. They can tell you if it requires further treatment as well.

Cleanliness and pain medications can also cause bad breath. Pain medicines can dry out your mouth, which leads to bad breath. For this situation, try drinking more water to prevent foul odors.

After an extraction, you cannot floss or brush your teeth completely for several days. This can lead to bad breath as well. You need to avoid disturbing the distraction site so that you can heal. Once your dentist says it is okay, you can gargle with lukewarm salt water to clean your teeth.

How Long Does It Take to Heal?

In most cases, it only takes three or four days to heal following wisdom teeth removal. If you have impacted teeth, it may take up to a week to heal. Thankfully, most people recover completely in the first week.

Getting the Right Dental Care

To enjoy better oral health, individuals need regular dental care. Your dentist can help through services such as:

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