build a website

What do you need to build a website? Generally speaking, you need a host and a web server at first to store your website data. Next, you need a domain name and last a UI design + frontend design + backend design. UI is the interface of your website showing in front of your visitors, and the frontend and backend developments are the jobs that the developers need to do. Throughout the entire process, a hosting server and a domain name can be purchased directly. But the technical difficulty is the UI design and the coding of your website. Many individuals or companies do not have the ability to code a website and develop an interface design. That is the reason why many big and small web design and development companies exist in the market.

So, if we outsource a website, how much do we need to spend for this website? Many people have the same concern.

The answer is: it could be few hundred dollars, few thousand dollars, or even over tens of thousand dollars


A website is a visual expression medium. An excellent website should have the following characteristics:

An outstanding web design

An extraordinary style with enough visual attractiveness will make your visitors unforgettable;

A clear logic behind the web design

Every navigation, menu, and the subpage is meaningful to the website. Visitors can quickly get what they need as they land on your website and understand the message delivered through the website;

Contents and images need certain attractiveness

Content is the most valuable element in today’s internet era. It’s the key to a successful website depending on whether your content is creative enough to make visitors click on it;

Show the competency

If this is a company website, you need to show more cases of your company’s products and the services. Let your visitors understand the company’s competency in order to promote the brand and the transaction.

Optimize the details

Others as: online customers, website map navigation, payment options, contact us and etc. The design of every section can affect a visitor’s final decision. So, we need to optimize every detail as nearly perfect as possible. Also, the codes need to make sense, because the increasing requests to a server will trigger bugs and even paralyze your website.

At this moment, you will start to realize an excellent website design covers processes, such as the logic building of a website, UI design, website layout, image production, content edition and etc. Is any of these easy to achieve? Doesn’t any of these need the talent of a designer?

Moreover, technically speaking, the difficulty of building an introductory website or even an e-commerce website is getting much lower throughout the recent 20 years of technology development. In addition to various templates overwhelming the internet, a person who knows a little about web development can build a website. However, it is much difficult than you will expect to build a website that understands your visitors’ needs.


Therefore, it is understandable that the quote of building a website is varied, so-called “you get what you pay for”. How your website finally shows up in front of your visitors correlates positively with how much money you pay for.

If a web design company quotes you few hundred dollars 

Then, don’t expect too much. You can only get some limited technical supports, such as building up a structure of your website and preparing well the environment.

The remaining jobs, such as editing images and optimizing contents, will be all depended on yourself.

If it is a few thousand dollars web development project

The web design company will assign you a professional UI designer to help you design the website layout, upon the professional graphic design. Based on the relevant materials provided by the user, the content will enrich the entire website. It makes the website look more thoroughly and attractive.

But if the client makes a higher request, he/she needs to take control of many details and timely put forward his/her own comments or suggestions to make the website near perfect. After all, the web design companies serve clients in all kind of business and industries, it is impossible for them to understand each business well.

A web development project that costs over tens of thousand dollars

Every detail of the website is taken over by the professionals for creating a tailor-made and high-class website. The web design companies will pursue a web development product that is most satisfied its client and themselves. This is also the source of their future reputation.

At the same time, the website will be very different in terms of functionality. For example, it will have all kind of functions, such as responsive web design, member management, distribution management, merchandise management, payment management, advanced effects and other modern website features.


Final conclusion: What do we actually need to build a website? The answer is all depending on what you need. If you are an excellent designer with a competency of content editing, then you can choose a few thousand dollars plan. It is because you can make a semi-finished website much better by your own abilities. If it is a big corporation or a company with a high growth potential, you can choose a tens of thousand dollars plan to make the corporate website meet the need of the company’s development.