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SERVPRO of North Mississauga Can Assist You With the Water Damage in Your Home!

Picture renovating the old ensuite in your Mississauga home into something sleek and modern, only to have one small mistake cause water damage. Unfortunately, this situation happens quite often. With the rise of Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest, many people have access to information like never before. Many homeowners decide to save themselves some extra costs by doing the hard work of renovating a section of their home themselves.

There is nothing wrong with a good DIY project, however, if that project caused water damage in your North Mississauga home, you need to know what to do in that situation. Let’s take the example a little further and illustrate it into a more precise focus. Let us say most of the work inside your ensuite was well done, and the entire room was coming together wonderfully. Unfortunately, a small issue with the plumbing connected to your tile shower stopped your work in its tracks. Visualize leaking pipes, trapped between drywall, insulation, and tile. Picture the water running to the floor and then soaking through. This scenario is a breeding ground for not only water damage but mould as well.

What Could Happen if I Left the Leaking Pipes For too Long?

Most average homeowners would not have an accurate idea of how long it takes for water damage in Mississauga to become out of hand. Truth be told, it takes less than seventy-two hours of moisture exposure for microbial growth to form, and that is not the only problem unaddressed water can do. If moisture is left for too long, it can:

  • Cause the wooden framing behind your shower to swell and hold moisture
  • That swollen framing could cause your brand new tile shower to warp or even crack
  • Insulation is an ideal hot spot for microbial growth, giving it plenty of access to the organic material of your framing

It is never wise to leave excess water to its own devices for too long. If your home has a water leak or a humidity issue, don’t leave it unaddressed. Get help as soon as possible, for the longevity of your home. While you may worry about expenses, leaving the water can only cause further damage and, therefore, more money over time.

Can SERVPRO Save Our New Shower? 

Here at SERVPRO, we aim to minimise losses. In this example, we could do the following to help preserve the hard work you put into your renovation:

  • Locate all hidden pockets of water with infrared technology, so we know where to deconstruct damaged materials
  • Map our remediation plan out based on the source of the damage
  • Remove drywall and insulation from the other side of the shower, if applicable, and work from that side
  • Use specialized drying equipment for tight spaces

Our technicians are trained to find as much excess moisture in your home as possible and get it under control. We provide them with advanced technology to do the job and get it done right, so you can forget about the damage in your home and move on with your life. We do all that we can to minimise waste and reuse materials.

What Advanced Technology Can SERVPRO Use to Dry Out my Bathroom?

Whenever our technicians leave our facility, we send them to you in a green-van full of equipment. The advanced technology we use is specially made to combat the water damage in your home. Our technicians can use:

  • Air blasting tubes, to filter dry air between your walls
  • Heaters, to provide dry and warm air in your bathroom
  • Axial fans, to keep air moving and dry
  • Dehumidifiers, to get excess moisture inside of your home under control

All of these devices have their own individual uses, but they become like a harmonious choir when combined. When used in conjunction, our equipment can provide an environment ideal for evaporation to your ensuite, allowing us to control moisture levels inside. Controlling moisture levels inside of your home is essential to ensure humidity does not cause water damage.

Here at SERVPRO, it is our goal to get your bathroom as dry as possible promptly because we know how eager you are to get the DIY renovation finished. Never leave your home to uncertainty. Get professional help, so you can relax and go back to your life, “Like it never even happened.”

If water damage interrupts your day, don’t wait to get help. Dial (905) 238-7376 to speak with a representative of SERVPRO of North Mississauga. Our technicians are happy to help make your day a little brighter.