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Choosing the dessert course or selections for your wedding can be a big task. Do you keep it traditional for the classic cutting the cake photo? Do you go with something unique and fun like an ice cream bar? The opportunities are vast and making a choice can be a challenge. I’ve been planning weddings in Colorado for the last seven years and can help you narrow down your search with five helpful tips on wedding dessert trends.

Petite Treats

Towering white wedding cakes are no longer the only option in the wedding world. As weddings have become more personalized and less traditional, the dessert options have, too. Instead of having a single dessert that will feed many people you can explore smaller treats where each guest gets their own complete dessert — or multiple! Cupcakes have been a popular dessert choice over the past few years, along with macrons, or a full candy bar. The options for tasty petite treats are endless.

image compliments of Highway 4 Photography

image compliments of Highway 4 Photography

You Can’t Go Wrong With Chocolate

As a wedding planner, I’ve worked with a number of clients to determine the best desserts for their wedding. So take my advice: you can’t go wrong with chocolate. Particularly if you or your partner have a love for chocolate, there are endless options out there for incorporating this dark treat. Consider a classic chocolate cake or think outside the box with chocolate fondue. A chocolate bar can also be a unique and personal gift to give to your guests, especially if you print a personal label commemorating your wedding to wrap around the bar.

Stick With the Classics

There’s something awe-inspiring about a stunning wedding cake. That moment when two partners cut into their cake together with family and friends all around them. I’ve seen my fair share of these moments all across Colorado as a wedding planner for celebrations big and small. While weddings these days can be wild and unique affairs, there’s nothing wrong with sticking with the classics. Wedding trends come and go but a classic, gorgeous wedding cake never goes out of style.

A Simply Sweet cake captured by William James Photography .

Simply Sweet cake captured by William James Photography.

Plating for Perfection

Whether you stick with tradition or try something new, another important consideration in your dessert selection is how you’ll serve your delicious dish. Your dessert plating and presentation should go well with the plating you choose for other courses, but it doesn’t have to be plain jane if you’re feeling fancy. Particularly if you’re keeping with a traditional dessert, consider fun or funky plates. Or add a decorative touch to your desserts with an edible cupcake topper or edible flowers.

Go With Your Favorites

At the end of the day, this is your wedding. While a beautiful three-tiered cake with extravagant decoration might stand out in photos, it won’t be the perfect dessert for your wedding if your favorite sweet treat is a donut with sprinkles or berry pie. The magic of planning and celebrating a wedding is that it’s all about you and your partner. So choose the desserts that speak to you.

Photography by Heirloom Snaps

Photography by Heirloom Snaps

Or skip desserts entirely and serve a selection of fresh fruit. This is your day and the best advice I can give as a Colorado wedding planner with years of experience is this: your wedding day should be everything you want, and not what others expect.

Compliments of Silver Sparrow Photography

Compliments of Silver Sparrow Photography

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