Webonise, a US-based global software company recently acquired Mindscrub Technologies to expand their mobile application development capabilities to meet the increasing needs of clients.

The Mindscrub team has experience in delivering solutions to various industries including sports, e-commerce, and healthcare.

As Webonise is experiencing strong growth in the demand for mobile applications from new and existing clients, the addition of the new team and the experience they bring provides Webonise with the ability to scale quickly to meet the business needs of our partners.


Raleigh, NC, August 10, 2021 — Webonise, a US-based global software company focused on delivering innovative solutions for their clients, recently acquired Mindscrub Technologies to expand its mobile application development capabilities- making its way to the Webonise News. This move aligns with the company’s emphasis on continuing to build on its talented technology team and provides the needed scalability to meet the increased demand from new and existing clients.

Mindscrub Technologies has been delivering leading-edge mobile solutions for clients around the globe for the last 8 years. With expertise in Process Control Automation, Mobile Application Development, AWS Cloud Engineering, Systems Software, and traditional Web development. Having worked across a wide breadth of industries, the team provides Webonise with the ability to rapidly scale to deliver solutions more quickly and effectively for its clients.

Santosh Surve, Founder, Mindscrub Technologies shares, “We are glad to have made the decision to join forces with a company that is rich in both experience and knowledge. As a team, we have always believed in surpassing the expectations of our customers and know that philosophy aligns with Webonise so we are excited to be part of a global team and excited to see what’s next to come!”

Rob Katz, Co-Founder & CEO, Webonise says, “As companies have accelerated their plans and requirements for digital solutions over the last 18 months, we have been continually looking at ways that we can expand and grow our team while still maintaining the level of quality, dependability and scalability that our partners have come to expect from Webonise. To be able to add a very talented team like this – with a proven track record – is exciting. Santosh had worked with Webonise previously and that helped accelerate the process and transition because there was a strong cultural and business fit.”

Bhuvan Khanna, Co-founder & EVP – Products and Strategic Partnerships, Webonise says, “We are experiencing an unprecedented move towards online and digital consumption accelerated by necessity during 2020 but morphing into changed customer behavior and expectations. The investment in technology in every sector is driving rapid growth to not just the top-line but to the bottom-line as well via intelligent automation and resource optimizations. Webonise’s mission to enable business growth for its clients through innovative products and technology solutions is powering our own rapid expansion. Having Santosh and the Mindscrub team join forces with us is a strategic step towards scaling our operations to meet the growing demand for our products and services.” 

About Webonise: Founded in 2012, Webonise US is a worldwide product development and technology services company that delivers software and solutions that advance business for their clients. As an international company, Webonise has sta” in the US, UK, India, and Canada and serves clients in 10 different countries across the globe. Webonise provides scalable digital transformation and innovation capabilities to its clients, enabling them to grow their business using data-driven, customer-centric product and marketing initiatives.

The global approach adopted by Webonise provides their clients with great communication, around-the-clock development cycles and the ability to customize a team to meet their strategic goals. Visit  https://www.webonise.com/ to learn more.

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