WebADAHotline.com is excited to announce the very first tool allowing disabled users to report non-accessible websites anonymously.


Beverly Hills, CA, October 8, 2020 – WebADAHotline.com, a Beverly Hills-based website accessibility inspection company, has announced the launch of an anonymous reporting tool geared towards promoting awareness for online accessibility. The company explains that “20% of website users are impacted by non-accessible websites, almost 60 million people in the United States. Americans with a disability are 3x less likely to go online. [After you] provide the website URL and a barrier description…we contact the organization with recommendations. Our mission is to provide website accessibility awareness.”

The company explains that “web accessibility refers to websites, online technology, online tools, online products, and online services – created, designed, and managed to accommodate individuals with disabilities. Online accessibility is now standard for any online property, adding more complexity to the changing digital landscape. We contact organizations to recommend improvements to comply with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), a series of testing criteria to help guide website owners in creating a website that is more accessible to those with disabilities.”

With so many websites that are non-compliant with website accessibility standards, disabled website users cannot report instances of website accessibility barriers as they occur in real-time. If you are a disabled internet user who wants to make an anonymous report via WebADAHotline.com, the online process is surprisingly easy.

WebADAHotline.com requests disabled website users to enter the website URL of the offending site. The tool provides fields for information about the company or organization including a barrier description of the issues that you face while on the offender’s website. Types of website accessibility barriers include everything from visual impairment barriers, mobility limitation barriers, low vision barriers, and auditory impairment barriers. Once a disabled website user submits a report, WebADAHotline.com contacts the organization to provide recommendations on becoming web accessibility compliant. 95% of the organizations contacted were not aware of how website accessibility impacts their business and the legal ramifications of a website accessibility lawsuit.

About WebADAHotline.com: “Our mission is to provide website accessibility awareness, and allow disabled website users the ability to report non-accessible websites anonymously.”

Contact Info:
Organization: WebADAHotline.com
Address: 8671 Wilshire Blvd #700, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Website: www.webadahotline.com
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