WE3, a leading sale-leaseback financing consulting firm, offers solutions for business owners to convert commercial property into flexible capital, through selling their commercial property and immediately leasing it back – on their own terms. 


Chicago, IL – April 13, 2020 – Sale-leaseback financing consulting firm, WE3 Agency, is pleased to offer leading sale-leaseback solutions for its clients. This solution enables business owners to sell their commercial property and lease it back immediately and on their own terms. 

With sale-leaseback, companies can convert their commercial property into flexible capital without ever losing control of their real estate.

Many businesses may find that the high-interest rates and strict loan terms that come with mortgage financing and other structured loans prove to be unprofitable. WE3 provides a better solution for those that don’t want to give up control over their property. 

“Business owners are always looking to improve cash flow, but what some may not know is that they can get this while still maintaining control over their valuable real estate,” said WE3’s Thomas O’Reilly. “Leasebacks enable organizations to do just that.”

leaseback arrangement is not an equity or a debt, but rather a hybrid financial product that enables businesses with access to funds through asset sales. A sale-leaseback is helpful when businesses need their assets for different investment purposes.

Leasebacks provide various benefits for the business, including: 

  • Free Your Access Capital and Boost Your Financial Statement: A sale-leaseback enables you to keep your business structure with a longterm lease and reinvest the capital into business assets. 
  • Convert Liability into Cash Assets: Commerical property is a fixed asset that shows as a liability on your balance sheet. This can affect the negotiation of options for loans and short-term debt. However, converting real estate assets into cash results in a higher ratio of assets compared to liabilities. This opens up many more business opportunities. 
  • Keep Full Property Control: A hands-off sale-leaseback lets a business maintain control of property tax payments, grounds maintenance, and insurance. 

Businesses should consider a sale-leaseback when undergoing a corporate restructuring, when packaging a business for sale, and when capital is needed for the business to grow. 

“WE3 Agency’s sale-leaseback solution enables businesses to get the capital needed to grow while maintaining control over the property. We are pleased to offer alternatives to traditional financing to help businesses become more profitable and reach their full potential,” said O’Reilly.  

About WE3 Agency, Ltd.: WE3 Agency, a sale-leaseback financing consulting firm, assists commercial real estate owners in finding a long-term capital partner fluent in the sale-leaseback process. WE3 Agency has the real estate know-how along with the market intelligence and the industry connections necessary to ensure business success through leasing an existing property or executing a build-to-suit program from the ground up tailored to a company’s individual needs.

Companies that choose sale-leaseback with WE3 Agency will reap the benefits of no equity dilution, friendly lease terms, an improved balance sheet, and much more. 

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