Waymaker.io has released a smart OKR platform that uses intelligent algorithms to surface business gaps. Like a smartwatch, Waymaker.io listens, diagnoses, tracks, and empowers a user to set goals that grow the business.


Queensland, AUS, 18 May 2021 – Waymaker.io’s new software relies on the latest intelligent data algorithms to find gaps, reveal them to a business and plan goals to close them.

Waymaker.io, an Australian-based software company, is excited to announce that its OKR software can reveal hidden growth activities for a business.

Like a smartwatch, Waymaker.io listens, diagnoses, tracks, and empowers a user to set goals that grow the business.

The problem with goal planning platforms is they can only show progress on a goal, they cannot help business leaders find gaps for business improvement.

Waymaker.io solves this problem.

Waymaker.io engages every user in the company, asks questions directly to the business employee and organises the answers to form qualitative and quantitative insights for growth.

All team members can see maturity graphs with high priority activities, mindset outcomes and skills vs system alignment in business functions.

Waymaker.io finds growth gaps across vision & purpose, market identification, strategic differentiation, business model strength, customer experience in sales, marketing and service and in people and culture through employee experience.

For the first time, Waymaker.io brings data science to strategic alignment.

To find out more information about Waymaker.io, feel free to visit their website at www.waymaker.io.

Waymaker.io CEO said, “In our research we found most organisations take too long to write plans, work on too many goals and fail to engage all team members. This leads to strategic culture clash where employees end up doing what they need to, not what shifts the growth needle.

“Our strategy software does in a few minutes what a management consultant would do in a week for tens of thousands of dollars.

“In 30 minutes or less a leadership team can see growth opportunities across the entire business and roadmap the highest priority goals as OKRs.

“Our platform delivers intelligent OKRs because there is a data science in aligning OKRs with valuable business improvement activities.

“Using smart predictive analytics, Waymaker.io can show the probability of a goal being reached based on user engagement in delivery.

“Business leaders know have a platform to use algorithms to find business gaps and to show the likelihood of those gaps being closed, said Stuart Leo, Waymaker.io Founder and CEO.

Waymaker.io is the world’s first intelligent OKR platform that uses smart algorithms to find business gaps and align teams to the highest value OKRs to drive business growth.

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If you’re interested in working with Waymaker.io, visit their website at www.waymaker.io.

About Waymaker.io: Waymaker.io is a software company that is based in Queensland, Australia.

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