New Hope, MN, June 3, 2021 — WaterBug has launched the second generation of their premier aquatic weed and vegetation harvesting machine to make clearing your lake, pond, or other body of water even easier.

WaterBug’s goal is to make water cleaning as easy and affordable as possible. There aren’t many machines on the market with the size, capability, and price point of the WaterBug. Most competitors are large, industrial-sized machines not meant to be operated by the everyday person.

Now, the second generation WaterBug is on the scene to empower anyone to rock water maintenance.

No longer will water surface cleaners have to labor with intensive rakes and cutters. WaterBug is a solar-powered, remote-controlled aquatic weed harvester that can clear many types of unwanted floating plant life and debris from the surface of the water.

The second generation of this cleaning machine also features a harvesting camera. The camera feature allows the user that is controlling the WaterBug to see what the machine sees, to increase the ease and accuracy of cleaning.

The sight range of the camera feature is 500 feet, making the WaterBug effective both for personal ponds and lakes and large commercial water features and channels.

The WaterBug machine prevents the need for toxic chemicals, algaecides, or herbicides that claim to keep algae and vegetation from growing in your waters but might not work. Since the WaterBug is powered by the sun, it also prevents the possibility of gas leaking into the water it’s cleaning.

Specs of the WaterBug also ensure ease of use. It’s about five and a half feet wide, and nine feet long, but only weighs around 300 lbs. It can get to work in as little as four inches of water and can adjust up to 22 inches deep. The WaterBug can skim and cut 34 inches wide.

The sickle attachment is an excellent addition to the WaterBug. With it, users will be able to specifically tackle lake weeds at a depth of 1.2 feet. The attachment is removable and can be easily taken on and off for stubborn vegetation.

WaterBug can work for up to four hours on the solar lithium battery, and can carry up to 250 lbs. Other optional attachments include a solar panel for extended battery life and skimmer boom extensions.

Purchase of this aquatic weed control machine also comes with a customized trailer for ease of use and transport.

Yahoo Sports explains, “WaterBug is an aquatic cleaning machine that filters out algae, harvests weeds, and clears floating debris. The device is useful in ponds, lakeshores, and channels to help maintain a balanced ecosystem.”

WaterBug can be part of a larger cleaning team and system to maintain large commercial areas, or just a one-person show for a lake house or large backyard pond.

Anyone can purchase a WaterBug today for $13,499.00. The sickle attachment is available for $1,199.00.

Reach out to Weeder’s Digest today to learn more about the WaterBug and how it can make aquatic vegetation and weed harvesting easier.

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