Water Fun Distancing with Inflatables and Water ToysPhoto by Meritt Thomas

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Water-Based Inflatable Water Toys Brings Out the Kid in Us!

Water in Summer is everyone’s best time to spend outdoors, social distancing with your family and friends. Whether in your swimming pool, at the lake, or the beach or any other public water recreation area. Inflatable islands, water floats, and toys are just what you need to distance yourself but still have loads of fun! We know everyone loves to use these water inflatables themselves for personal use, but some of these giant inflatables are ideal for use in aqua parks, resorts, and state parks. These are the places that can offer water play to the public as an added tourist attraction and still allowing you to play as a family unit but in keep your social distancing happening!

These inflatable, floating pool floats are trendy, sturdy, and irresistible. With alluring colours and designs, they are available in all sizes. Starting with a typical, massive, inflatable twelve-person lounger, to an inflatable volleyball court, to a giant water slide with a trampoline and climbing walls.

There is a wide range of inflatable products from floaters and floating tubes to floating islands or loungers, from small inflatable pool toys for babies, to giant water play structures like inflatable water slides. You’ll also find iceberg climbs, inflatable water playgrounds, animal or bird-inspired water toys, and the world’s biggest inflatable water parks. If you are a sports enthusiast, a beach lover, and love travelling, inflatable recreation is for you! As an owner looking for a commercial product to boost your promotion at your hotel resort or campground, it’s easy to make an informed decision. Thereby, keep all your concerns wrapped up into one arrangement. Your budget, age, height, and weight recommendations. The maintenance and durability issues, ease of set up, storage and use of the product. And the accessories needed, all provided in mind, without any worries due to the ease if inflatable designs and usage.

Inflatable Canopy Island:

Spend a sunny day out on the water with your loved ones without getting scorched by the sun?  Want to lounge while having a refreshing drink handy? A floating canopy island is an answer. It has a built-in trampoline and still having ample space to spread out and relax under the vast canopy umbrella providing luxury comfort with a cozy backrest and a couple of built-in cup holders for that occasional drink to beat the heat. All while dangling your feet in the fresh lake water. Durable, attractive, and featured with two – four oars for added flotation safety, it is a must-buy for families that is more fun than a boat with high sides but more affordable.

Inflatable Water Trampoline Park:

Now, this is what is unmistakably huge! A complete delight to party on, and envy of many eyes if you own it. This Inflatable, Multiple Trampoline can give you joy on the water that you’ll never forget. You cannot just envisage how people will flock around your water park to try it. Either way, they will be unable to take their eyes off your new-found adventure!

Manufactured by inflatable-island.com, these are impressively sturdy units. Each of the 6-8 trampolines can range from 6-10 feet wide and 1-6 feet high. They have room for up to 4 persons on each trampoline. Surprisingly, it is easy to inflate since all trampolines are connected. There are separate valves for safety that the whole park will stay afloat if one deflates. The handling and storing will take 2 or 3 guys. But when it’s inflated, it’s ideal for just lounging and springing around with other adults in the sun or when having a big family day with parents, kids, and cousins. It is comfortable and large enough for a party, fun for everyone, and extremely safe. The incredible Inflatable Water Trampoline Park is extra-durable since made of heavy-duty vinyl material. It is nothing less than a pleasurable, floating Inflatable island.

Floating Inflatable Water Slide:

This sizeable inflatable Water Slide doubles as a rock-climbing wall and a slide. The 40 feet tall inflatable mountain is an exhilarating experience for kids and adults alike. With unique, easy-grip handles for climbing, everything is commercial-grade reinforced PVC for long life and safety.

Visualize the endless pleasure when you get to the top of the rock climbing Giant Slide. You can either slide down from the other side or cliff dive to create a magnificent splash into the water. Capable of handling a weight load of up to 1800 kg., this Giant Inflatable Water Slide is creative, fun, encourages learning and skill development. It may be a small floating island where you can sweat and cool down instantly, but don’t be fooled by its ability for large-sized fun! People and slides are inseparable, whether you’re a kid, in your teens or a young adult, this a new way to keep their everyone occupied during their summer break and away from the television and mobile screens.

Inflatable Floating Water Park for Resorts and Hotels

A High-Quality Inflatable Water Park, such as the ones designed and built by aquaplayparks, display more massive slides and iceberg climbs as “stand-alone pieces.” A huge variety of inflatable water obstacles that are as high as 40 feet tall are the ultimate entertainment for children and adults alike and made with heavy-duty material that can withstand a high amount of pressure. Inflatable obstacles for younger children are more natural for the little members of the family. Inflatable floating water parks are at more prominent beach hotel resorts and some recreational parks or beaches in towns or cities.

Stand UP Paddle Board:

A SUP is intended for combining the fun of kayaking with stand-up paddle boarding and ideal for calm coastal beaches or slow-moving waters. You can conveniently turn it into a kayak with an adjustable seat and paddle.

The portable, inflatable hybrid board is also available for personal as well as commercial use in surfing, racing, white waterboarding, yoga, and Pilates. You can even go for a fishing trip as they are sturdy, available in various sizes, have storage areas, and have multiple handles. Paddlers can use these from amateurs’ level to professional levels.

Just imagine yourself basking in the sun’s warm rays with an inflatable lounge. At the same time, your kids will enjoy themselves on the canoe/kayak with oars. Try a rocking inflatable water slide or an inflatable floating trampoline. Don’t forget, all these inflatables are creatively designed. Built as high-quality products with comfort and ease fitted with a dual valve system, and with some of these products comes lifetime guarantee.

Party Tents and Bubble Tents – Glamping

For fabulous glamping experiences, you can’t go wrong with a bubble tent. Your bubble tent is a garden igloo, allowing yourself or your guests to enjoy the beautiful night sky and all the bounties of nature in comfort, no matter the weather! Our party tents offer the same protection from the elements, just for a lot more people! We can create any custom-shaped inflatable party tent for your event, which will keep your guests talking about you for years to come!