Red Birdie Golf, a functional blog that focuses on teaching and preparing beginner and intermediate golfers, is a go-to source for all things golf! The blog highlights instructions and guides that help new players become more knowledgeable and skilled, while also enjoying the sport. Red Birdie Golf has been featured on popular news and sports channels like NBC, CBS, FOX, and ABC. 


July 16, 2020 – Featured blog site, Red Birdie Golf, focuses on preparing and teaching beginner and intermediate golfers of all ages the ins and outs of the technical game. By highlighting instructions for play and guides that gear toward understanding the proper golf balls, terminology, clubs, accessories, and electronics, Red Birdie Golf has quickly become one the most highly rated informational blogs for the golfing world. Prospective golfers can access the site on any digital device, especially on the fairway, for tips and tricks to becoming a skilled golfer. 

Red Birdie Golf is also proud to offer reviews and advice for golfing apparel, golf balls for beginner, advanced, and senior golfers, monitors, GPSes, rangefinders, and so much more! Red Birdie Golf has also been featured on popular news and sports broadcasting channels like NBC, CBS, FOX, and ABC. 

More information is expected to come from the up-and-coming golf blog site in the coming months. Learn more here for information about golfing techniques and accessories. 

About Red Birdie Golf: New blogger, Brian Pena, began Red Birdie Golf after 30 years of playing the game. Introduced to golf by his father at the young age of 12, Pena began investing his time to develop his skill-set, especially after watching Tiger Woods emerge. So why should interested golf players read the content on Red Birdie Golf? Pena believes the main reason to check it out is that you love the game of golf (yet occasionally hate it) and you are looking for a reliable resource to help improve and lower scores. For more information about Brian Pena’s testimony, please visit

If you are the type of person that loves the game of golf and wants feedback from real-life golfers who feel the same, want a resource more geared more toward the beginner/high handicapper and mid-handicapper, want advice based on actual golfer experiences and not manufacturer sales pages, and have a passion for the latest in golf tech, then you are sure to enjoy and appreciate Pena’s guides and reviews. Please feel free to start here to check out the “Beginners Guide to Playing Golf,” at

Pena realizes that the game changes frequently, and with that in mind, he stays true to his vision to guide beginner and intermediate golf players “better understand the game and inform them about the best products on the market” in order to develop their own skill-set and play their best! As a qualified golfer, Pena designed Red Birdie Golf to be “totally transparent” to assure prospective golfers that the “content is accurate” and trustworthy before making a purchasing decision.

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