New Start-up Aims to Design Personalized Travel Experiences After the Current Global Health Crisis


Tampa, FL, June 1, 2020 – Today, WandrHop LLC., a travel services company, announced the launch of its customized trip itineraries platform. WandrHop’s new itinerary planning service gives travelers the opportunity to skip travel agencies and their pre-made travel packages. Through the new service, travelers will be able to share their preferences and have a WandrHop travel engineer design them a template-free, handcrafted itinerary.

WandrHop recently sponsored a survey of 189 travelers in the US, conducted through the SurveyMonkey Audience tool, to better understand travel planning expectations and post-crisis considerations. Some highlights include:

  • 76% of travelers plan to book their next trip before the end of 2020, while 27% plan to book before the end of summer
  • On average, travelers spend 18 hours planning an international trip end-to-end
  • Three out of four travelers worry about their daily itineraries at least twice during the trip
  • 58% have missed out on an experience simply because they didn’t find out about it until they returned home
  • 60% express regret in their hotel choice after check-in because it was far from optimal (location, value, amenities, etc.)

“While the global crisis has soured existing plans for travelers, it has also been devastating to the travel industry. As travel slowly picks back up, industry players will be extra aggressive in persuading travelers with pre-packaged deals,” Guillaume Cachia, president and founder of WandrHop, said. “WandrHop’s goal is to make your dream vacation a reality, whether that’s through local experiences or private excursions.”

WandrHop’s personal trip planning service is designed so travelers can avoid common mistakes, save time and money, and experience a trip that’s designed just for them. For more information and free travel resources, visit:

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WandrHop is a travel company that specializes in itinerary planning services that are accessible on-the-go. Our mission is to engineer personalized, handcrafted itineraries for travelers worldwide.

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