Waltzing T Bear, the owner of the trademark for the immensely popular Shirt Tie design of fashionable and whimsical printed T-shirts, offers licensing arrangements to enable businesses, organizations, and retailers to manufacture their own versions of the famous design. 

Hartford, CT, February 5, 2020 – A Shirt Tie is the design of a necktie printed onto a T-shirt or other garment. Shirt Ties are a great way to dress up while you actually dress down! Since 1993, Waltzing T Bear has been in the Shirt Tie design business, and they are the sole owner of the Shirt Tie design trademark issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

While Waltzing T Bear owns the Shirt Tie trademark rights for the necktie t-shirt design, which consists of the tie design itself, irrespective of any decorative or ornamental material which may appear in connection with the design, they have established conditions, which includes a license fee, to permit its use by other parties. Waltzing T Bear regularly licenses the non-exclusive right to manufacture and sell shirts featuring the trademarked design, which is entirely unique and original.

tie Printed on T-shirt is a perfect solution for businesses, small organizations, and retailers alike. After licensing the trademarked design, licensees are free to use any company or distributor to manufacture their very own Shirt Tie design. And the possibilities are endless.

So if you’re looking to add some levity to your next big event or game, imagine a golf course or baseball stadium full of your company’s Shirt Tie design. It’s the perfect way to build brand recognition, teamwork, and camaraderie.

Waltzing T Bear licenses their Registered Trademarked Shirt Tie design to countless manufacturers of all sizes. Fortune 500 companies have contracted to use their trademarked design for sales to customers, and it has been sold almost everywhere clothes are sold: department stores, big box stores, apparel websites, and over twenty-five top university stores.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Waltzing T Bear today and let them help you create your next hit piece of apparel!

About the Company: Born in 1993, Waltzing T Bear came to life through the creative designs of David Hoff and Sol Sandlow. The mere act of wearing the shirt ties brought a buzz to the streets. People fell in love with the jovial fashions of the Waltzing T Bear shirt ties. A shirt tie is magical. No need to tie a knot. The tie is already printed on the shirt. It’s hassle-free. The shirt tie became an instant success among children. Parents raved about the hassle freestyle the shirt tie brought to their kids. The shirt tie has also found success in the sports world, providing a classier way for people of all ages to attend a ball game. In order to protect the design, a registered trademark was taken on the shirt tie design. Waltzing T Bear is the home of fashionable smiles and we encourage you to join our family.

Press Contact:

Name: David Hoff
Address: 674 Prospect Ave, Suite 302, Hartford, CT 06105
Phone: (860) 983-3857
Website: https://shirttie.com/