VREA Cosmetics has been providing top-quality makeup with skincare benefits to its customers since its beginnings in 2017, all while being environmentally pro-active. Currently, they’re providing the first concealer of its kind: a 4-in-1 Concelear made rich in active skincare ingredients and capable of protecting from harmful and aging UV rays, blue light, and air pollution


Newport Beach, CA, Sep 10th, 2021– In 2017, Alexandra Jacks -a licensed esthetician, makeup artist, and skincare fanatic- became inspired by her online community to co-create with her husband Jeremiah Jacks, a makeup family company with skincare benefits that people actually want. They originally named their company WANT Cosmetics, but lately, they arrived with VREA, which in their native Romanian language means “to want”.

VREA was born when Alexandra turned 33 and started noticing that her makeup wasn’t “sitting” and looking as smooth as it did a decade earlier, so she decided to ask the companies she was using about their claims and ingredients, but all she got was silence: that’s when she found out that transparency was a really big problem in the beauty industry. And that usually the customer will never know the ingredients and processes behind the products they buy. That’s when she decided to build a brand that had beautifully merge nature with science. By believing in sustainable sourcing and using the star ingredients at their active performance levels, they proactively involve their online community during the development process, being transparent every step of the way with their ingredients, formulation, manufacturing, and filling.

At VREA they are aware of our environment and have made the sound choices to lower their footprint any chance possible: From their concealer boxes made from 90% post-consumer waste material to manufacturing their eye masks in a carbon-neutral facility. By truly believing that what we put on our skin matters; they created products that provide active ingredients -not just infused stuff-. They are capable of protecting your skin from environmental assault and slow down surface aging, and they are cruelty-free all while being environmentally pro-active.

Now, VREA is currently offering a product that’s one of a kind, their 4-in-1 Concealer: A concealer made by rich active skincare ingredients, capable of protecting from harmful and aging UV rays, blue light, and air pollution. It also improves the appearance of under-eye circles and features a patented technology Zamac cooling tip to de-puff. Its breakthrough sunscreen formulation does not leave a white cast on darker skin tones, providing sun protection, all while performing like a high-quality concealer. And what are the top-notch ingredients behind this amazing-quality product? Hyaluronic acid in 3 molecular weights that work across all layers of the skin: Its high molecular weight fraction is primarily used to hydrate the skin, repair barrier function, firm, lift, soothe and moisturize skin. The mid-molecular weight fraction penetrates deeper into the stratum corneum, stimulates corneocyte differentiation, making it the ideal ingredient to restore moisture and aid against inflammation and irritation (both natural and introduced). And last, the low-molecular-weight fraction penetrates deeper into the epidermis and into the narrow extracellular space between the stratified keratinocytes layers, to induce the production of native HA while aiding in the proliferation of the keratinocytes. It also contains, Tripeptide, Micro Algae, Vitamin B5 (T-MA-B5) that improve texture and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles. And Vitamin C from sustainably sourced Australian Kakadu plum (the world’s most potent source) capable of energizing tired-looking skin.

And if you want to upgrade your under-eye skincare game, you definitely need to try their Eye Mask that is sustainably sourced with Butterfly Ginger extract from Madagascar. These nourishing eye masks are formulated with powerful active ingredients that help hydrate skin, reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and brighten and protect under eyes from blue light and air pollution. Their non-slip biodegradable material keeps them staying put, so they don’t slide around, they also come with a proprietary technology that optimizes product absorption into the skin. And remember that all VREA’s products are made from biodegradable materials -and manufactured in a carbon-neutral facility- making much kinder products to the environment.

So if you’re ready to boost your skincare with top-quality makeup made from sustainable options, visit https://vreacosmetics.com/ and learn more about this fantastic and transparent brand that is beautifully merging nature with science.

Contact Info:

Name: Alexandra Potora
Organization: VREA Cosmetics
Address: 4533 MacArthur Blvd., Ste. A-2090 Newport Beach, CA, 92660, United States
Phone: 949-887-4861
Website: https://vreacosmetics.com/