Vmove Removals + Storage announces a groundbreaking approach to relocations and storage services in Greater Sydney. This premier home and office removals company introduces a range of mobile self-storage and removals and storage services covering local, regional, commercial, and interstate moves.


Sydney, Australia, 7 December 2023— Vmove Removals + Storage, the esteemed home and office removals company situated in Sydney’s Inner West, is proud to announce its comprehensive range of mobile self-storage and removals and storage services covering local, regional, commercial, and interstate moves. With a strong presence since 2014, Vmove Removals has become the preferred choice for those seeking fast, budget-friendly, and stress-free relocations in and around Sydney.

Located in the vibrant Summer Hill/Dulwich Hill area, Vmove Removals + Storage has cultivated a diverse clientele, including businesses in Sydney CBD and North Sydney, travel agencies, educational institutions, families in transition, and students vacating units. As a trusted local moving company, Vmove Removals takes pride in its dedicated team of hardworking, trained professionals committed to ensuring the utmost care for clients’ belongings.

“Our mission is to provide top-notch removal and storage services that exceed customer expectations,” Victor Berezinas, the founder, and CEO of Vmove Removals + Storage stated. “We are proud of our family-run business that delivers exceptional service, rivalling or even surpassing larger moving companies at a more affordable price.”

Vmove Removals + Storage offers various combinations like two men and a truck teams, ideal for studio apartments, and 1 to 2-bedroom units and apartments. The moving company also provides specialised options for 4+ bedroom homes and large offices. From the initial booking process to the safe delivery of items through challenging weather conditions, Vmove prioritises a stress-free experience for its customers.

In addition to relocation services, Vmove introduces innovative mobile self-storage solutions. Customers can benefit from the convenience of having the storage unit brought to their doorstep, loaded, transported to a secure warehouse, and delivered back upon request. The state-of-the-art storage facility is equipped with CCTV, fire alarms, 24/7 surveillance, and advanced software applications, ensuring the safety and security of stored items.

Vmove Storage Box, a subsidiary of Vmove Removals + Storage, leverages over six years of moving expertise to provide flexible storage options. Whether for oversized items, long-term business archives, or short-term storage needs, Vmove Removals offers competitive deals and the same level of care as their traditional removals jobs.

For those in need of robust and expert removals and storage services in Greater Sydney, Vmove Removals + Storage is the name to trust. Services offered by the company include relocations, mobile storage in Sydney, furniture pickup and delivery, reusable plastic boxes, house packing, and professional furniture removals. Vmove Removals also facilitates interstate moves, covering routes from Sydney to Melbourne and Sydney to Canberra.

About Vmove Removals + Storage:

Vmove Removals + Storage is a premier home and office removals company based in Sydney’s Inner West. With over nine years of experience, the company specialises in providing top-quality removal and storage services, catering to the diverse needs of clients across Greater Sydney. The team at Vmove is committed to delivering fast, budget-friendly, and seamless relocations, ensuring a stress-free experience for every customer.

Contact Information:

Organisation: Vmove Removals + Storage

Contact Person: Victor Berezinas

Phone Number: (02) 7201 9367

Address: 171 Old Canterbury Rd, Dulwich Hill NSW 2203

Website: https://vmove.com.au/