Vilan Apparel announces its fresh perspective on golf wear by bridging the gap between high-end luxury and everyday golf wear. The company is a trailblazing force in the fashion industry by offering an affordable country club look.


McKinney, TX, January 12, 2024— Vilan Apparel, the game-changer in the golf wear industry, is rewriting the rules of golf fashion by bridging the gap between high-end luxury and mainstream wear since its launch in August 2023. Inspired by the motto “live.balanced,” Vilan offers the premium country club look without the hefty price tag, elevating everyday style with subtle, high-quality details that redefine what it means to dress for the green.

“The deVIL is in the details, but an ANgel is always in the dream,” says Vilan founder, Michelle Newcomer. “That’s the essence of Vilan – the perfect balance between premium quality and everyday value. We believe everyone deserves to look and feel their best on the course without sacrificing their budget or their personal style.”

Vilan is committed to balance shines in every aspect of its offerings. Unlike premium brands that often rely on name recognition to justify skyrocketing prices, Vilan focuses on meticulous attention to detail. This ethos is woven into every item, from the water-resistant crowns and moisture-wicking sweatbands on their Performance/Golf Hats to the 4-way stretch, recycled polyester blend, and UPF coverage in their polos.

“We’ve all felt the sting of paying premium prices for Mediocre quality, and we’ve seen the over-branding epidemic plaguing mainstream golf apparel. At Vilan, we’re flipping the script. We offer premium details without the premium markup, and we give our customers the freedom to express themselves through subtle branding options, not billboards,” adds Newcomer.

Vilan’s dedication to simplicity is evident in their logo choices. Straying away from the trend of excessive branding, it offers two distinct logo options: a classic yoke logo for the traditionalist and a modern placket logo for the trendsetter. Both options, however, maintain a commitment to minimalism, allowing the quality and craftsmanship of Golf Polo Shirts to take center stage.

Vilan’s dedication extends beyond its products, offering seamless customer service with free shipping on orders over $150 and free exchanges and returns within 30 days. This commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that the Vilan experience is as smooth and balanced as its Golf Apparel.

As Vilan Apparel continues to make waves in the golf wear industry, it invites consumers to embrace the perfect swing of style, comfort, and affordability. Discover the balance that Vilan brings to the golf course, where quality meets accessibility.

About Vilan Apparel:

Vilan Apparel is a revolutionary golf wear company dedicated to bridging the gap between high-end luxury and everyday wear. Inspired by the motto “live.balanced,” Vilan offers premium-quality apparel with subtle, high-quality details that elevate everyday style without sacrificing value. With a focus on balance, simplicity, and customer satisfaction, Vilan is redefining what it means to dress for the green.

Contact Information:

Organization: Vilan Apparel

Contact Person: Michelle Newcomer

Address: 2750 S. Preston Rd. Suite 116217 Celina, TX 75009

Email: [email protected]