POWAY, California, January 26, 2022— Veterans Voice Radio Show is now available to stream as a podcast. Hosted by Veterans Law Group of Southern California, Veterans Voice Radio Show, live on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. PST on KABC 790 LA, aims to give a voice to veterans. And now, these weekly conversations will reach many more veterans in need of support.

Veterans deserve to have their questions answered and their concerns heard, which means that Veterans Voice ought to be as accessible as possible. Not everyone can tune in live, so the show is recorded and released to stream at any time.

Veteran’s Advocate and Managing Attorney of Veterans Law Group, Amanda L. Mineer hosts the show/podcast. In addition to the work she does as an attorney with the group, she serves wounded warriors and their families on the show by answering their questions and actively listening to their stories in an effort to understand their experiences.

With over 25 years of experience in helping veterans navigate their benefits claims process with the VA, Amanda brings invaluable expertise to veterans in need.

“This show,” in Amanda’s words, “is all about highlighting and celebrating veterans and their families.” By showcasing other organizations that assist veterans, discussing relevant news and information, and authentically connecting with veterans themselves, Amanda continues serving those who have already answered the nation’s call.

For questions, comments, or more information, reach out to Veterans Law Group directly.

Phone: (888)-811-0523
Email: [email protected]

About Veterans Law Group: Veterans Law Group (VLG) offers legal services to ensure veterans across the country receive the benefits they’ve earned in the line of duty. It can be challenging to work through the process with the VA, so VLG steps in to serve those who have already served us.

Contact Information:

Amanda L. Mineer
13446 Poway Rd #338
Poway, CA, 92064