On Duty USA has temporarily turned production over to hand sanitizer to keep first responders and civilians healthy. This is made possible through a partnership with a local, Kentucky distillery to make use of otherwise wasted byproduct.


Lexington, KY, April 16, 2020 – Kentucky company, On Duty USA, announces that they have partnered with a local distillery to begin production of hand sanitizer during the global pandemic. The veteran-owned business knew that action had to be taken during the shortage of hand sanitizer and by partnering with the distillery, products that would typically be wasted in times such as these, are being used in production.

On Duty USA’s hand sanitizer formulation is made in strict adherence to the World Health Organization’s guidelines and is shipped directly from the labs at the University of Kentucky. The company is selling the sanitizer in 2-packs of 4-ounce bottles, for just $12 per pack. Production had ramped up immensely and customers are already getting the sanitizer, leaving rave reviews on the company’s website.

During this time of chaos and uncertainty, On Duty USA knew one thing to be certain and that was that they had to step up and join the hundreds of other companies making the switch in their production. This is no easy feat for any company, but On Duty USA has made the transition seamless and has ensured that customers are provided with top-notch antiseptic solution during this crisis. Like most other companies during this hectic and scary time, On Duty USA recognized that their team and facility, along with the help of the local Kentucky distillery’s facilities, are fully capable and ready to help their customers through these uncertain times in any way possible. The company urges the public to stay safe and have access to the necessities, such as hand sanitizer, throughout this period. Along with their consumer’s general safety, On Duty USA has acknowledged that the essential, frontline men and women are lacking these necessities as well, which aided in the decision to turn the CBD production.

About On Duty USA

On Duty is a veteran-operated business on a mission to provide customers with sustainably farmed health and wellness products. We are proud to bring you trusted, veteran-farmed products that are distilled with American values from farm to family. On Duty USA products originate from small farms operated by American veterans who raise their crops like they served: with honor and integrity. Unlike other CBD products on the market, we are proud to bring you natural products that are curated in small batches and can be followed from farm to family — this means there are no pesticides, no chemicals, and no heavy metals.

The company also has multiple social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Keep a watch on these pages for any updates regarding the hand sanitizer production as well as regularly scheduled content, that will allow you to keep up with the company.

Media Contact

To learn more about the production of the On Duty USA’s hand sanitizer or to buy the antiseptic solution for yourself or loved ones, visit https://onduty.us/ or contact:

Greg Keeley
333 East Short Street, Ste. 220
Lexington, Kentucky 40507
Phone: 855.471.4367