The Vertex School is offering a 9-month long bootcamp designed to teach students the skills needed to secure a career in games, film, XR and the metaverse. 


United States, April 20, 2022— The Vertex School is excited to offer their game art program. This is a nine-month-long bootcamp that will provide students with the tools needed to succeed in the field of games, film, XR, and the metaverse.

This is one of the best programs for game design available.

While the minimum time commitment for this program is around twenty hours per week, the recommended amount of time committed is closer to thirty hours.

Students meet twice a week in addition to completing work on their own schedules.

“We get all sorts of students in this program. Some have a game art degree, others are just getting into the field for the first time. We’re happy to work with anyone who is passionate about game art and willing to work hard!” said an instructor from the Vertex School.

The program is entirely virtual so you can complete it at your own pace. Lectures and lessons come in pre-recorded videos which you can access at any time. There are also live class sessions where you can check in with your teachers and fellow students.

Also included in this game art program are online student labs and one on one mentorship with an industry professional.

This program is guaranteed to bring you success. Graduates of the program have found jobs at big-name companies such as Unity, Ubisoft, Blizzard, Massive Entertainment, among many others. 

Here is what one alum of the program had to say: “I recently finished the Game Art Program at Vertex and got a job in the industry! I now work at Antimatter Games based in the UK. Prior to Vertex I studied illustration for 3 years and used 3D applications for all of my work – I was always drawn to concept art and still image but wanted a job in the game industry though I didn’t know how to approach it or what to specialize in.” 

The enrollment process is simple. First, you fill out an application. This should take no more than 10-15 minutes. This is the opportunity for you to provide some basic information about yourself including your background and qualifications.

Next comes the interview. Meet with an admissions representative to discuss your application, walk through the program structure, and find out which program is the best fit.

After that, the final step is to enroll, and then you are on your way!

For more information, or if you’re interested in attending school for game design, you can visit the Vertex School’s website. Here you can request a full syllabus for the program as well as read up more on the Vertex School itself.

The next available cohort begins on April 25th! Don’t wait, spots are filling up quickly, sign up today!

About Vertex School: Vertex School offers 9 month long programs and courses that train students to get a career in Game Art, Animation, XR, Film and the Metaverse. The school focuses on pairing students with industry professionals.

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Vertex School, 7301 N FM 620 RD STE 155-148