Vertex School is a low-cost alternative to a college. A college degree in animation is expensive and often leaves students without the skills to get a career in animation. Vertex’s cost is about $90,000 less than a college degree, and they prepare students for a career by pairing them with professionals who work in the industry.


Austin, TX, May 18, 2022 — Vertex School is comprised of top-notch professionals who actually work in the gaming, animation and film industries. Obtaining a career in creative tech will require you to have much more than just technical skills. To better prepare you for these industries, Vertex School is offering a nine-month-long bootcamp in animation designed to teach students the skills needed to secure the career they desire in games, film, XR, and the metaverse.

The nine-month-long online program in animation is entirely virtual, including pre-recorded videos on demand, live class sessions, one-on-one live mentorship, online student labs, and a certificate upon completion. This program covers the following topics: Animation foundations, body mechanics, acting, lip-sync, and much more. Time commitment consists of a minimum of 20 hours per week (recommended 30 hours) and meeting twice per week with the teachers, then completing your work on your schedule.

Throughout the program at the online school for animation, you’ll have ample opportunity to develop the essentials while deeply engaging with a creative community. Connecting you to other talented students will deepen your learning and have you creating your best work. At Vertex School, you will find the following unique methods of knowledge which will empower you to upgrade your animation design skills:

  1. One to One Professional Mentoring: A personal guide to help you solve problems, break through blocks, and overcome plateaus. Mentors help you structure your study plan and tailor the curriculum to your study style.
  2. Career Prep Focused: Your career preparation begins on day one. Assignments, mentor feedback, and community events are tailored around hiring triggers and the strategies you need to be successful and secure a career.
  3. Academic Success Coach: They provide students with a personal problem-solving coach who is dedicated to helping them understand the curriculum and create work that will help their portfolio stand out.
  4. Community: Vertex students have peers and a community to help them with daily tasks, provide a strong support network, and join online events.

Have any doubts? Check out what former students are actually saying about the program:

“Vertex School’s Animation Bootcamp has brought me back to basics to transform my animation by leaps and bounds. I did have previous experience with 3D animation (nearly ten years). Still, this Bootcamp helped me develop a better understanding of the principles of animation and, most importantly, HOW TO APPLY those principles.” — Coty Singleton, former Vertex Student

Visit and start to expand your mind and knowledge with their available online courses in animation at the animation school online.

Contact Info:

Name: Ryan Kingslien
Organization: Vertex School
Address: 7301 N FM 620 Rd Ste 155-148, Austin, TX 78726
Phone: 805-415-4183