Personalized guidance through live mentorship will take you from beginner through intermediate to an expert in digital sculpting, thanks to Vertex School, Inc. You’ll learn sculpting, poly-painting, Substance Painter, and post-processing award-winning artist Milivoj Popovic. The course focuses on the proper workflow of design principles to establish foundational digital sculpting techniques in Zbrush.

Vertex School pairs you with professionals for a 9-month program to kick start your occupational journey in Animation, Film, Game Art, XR, and the Metaverse. Besides career prep to help find jobs and negotiate salaries and references, you’ll receive a certificate of completion. Find out more about Vertex School, Inc. by clicking here.


Austin, Texas, June 14th, 2022 – Previously Game Art Institute, Vertex School, Inc. was founded by Ryan Kingslien, the first Product Manager for Zbrush at Pixologic. Its vision is to transform careers with experimental, pioneering education, a first-of-its-kind institution offering intensive boot camps in online game design.

“He’s a docent outside associate of Art Academy in Split, Croatia, and a senior artist at Prime Render Studio, plus an award-winning digital sculptor.” Ryan Kingslien says of Zbrush tutorial mentor Milivoj Popovic.

Zbrush courses seek to impart students with game art skills while mastering best practices to pipeline techniques using online web conferencing software. By the program’s end, you’ll be practical and efficient in finalizing rendered sculpt by leveraging Zbrush’s various tools.

“We started offering these boot camps in 2020 for applicants with basic knowledge of digital sculpting processes and polygonal modeling. You should also have a passion for the gaming sector and the creation of characters, and our courses are stream-able and downloadable,” reiterates Ryan Kingslien.

At the end of the nine months, you’ll possess a professional quality digital sculpting portfolio and access to Vertex School Inc.’s global alumni network. In addition, the Zbrush online course features small class sizes and a structured curriculum with industry connections for a committed digital sculpting and modeling career.

“Every few days, you’ll meet with your mentor, Milivoj Popovic, for assessments and assignments to get you from a digital sculpting novice to a job-ready candidate. In addition, he’ll offer resources and support to help hone your skills, ensuring that you meet the program’s demands, says Vertex School, Inc. CEO Ryan Kingslien.

About Vertex School, Inc.

Vertex School changes lives through expanding academic, business, and developmental education, founded as a Charter for Excellence, CFE, in 2007. Since its inception, it’s operated under the system of legacy trading schools, providing learning where learners couldn’t otherwise afford it.

Due to the expansion of its in-depth online training courses, CFE became Vertex Education in 2018 as a more affordable, up-to-date alternative to degree programs. Two years later, founder and CEO Ryan Kingslien initiated the Real-Time and Gaming category that uses mentorships by industry talent.

Efforts by Vertex School, Inc. have attracted admiration from students, the community, charter schools, and civic leaders. Ryan attributes this to their three-pronged approach that combines skilled school management, practical teaching, and parental or partner engagement.

Contact Information

Contact Name: Ryan Kingslien
Business Name: Vertex School, Inc.
Contact Address: 7301 N FM 620 RD STE 155-148, Austin, TX 78726
Phone Number: 805-415-4183
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