Expert Maintenance Within 70 Miles of Your Business 

You’re in charge of a massive fleet. Your customers keep your trucks on the road, but your trucks keep you just as busy as your customers. After all, with so much time on the road, wear and tear can quickly turn into a major breakdown.

That’s where we come in.

We know the unique challenges facing your fleet, and we know what it takes to keep your fleet up and running without breakdowns to disrupt your whole cycle. But to do that, we need to rewrite the way you think about the maintenance cycle, which is why we offer the best preventative maintenance programs in the greater Atlanta area.

What is Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance is the key to success for any competitive business that relies on commercial motor vehicles. It’s the difference between replacing a $10 part and paying hundreds or thousands to fix an entire machine.


Put simply, preventative maintenance is the proactive inspection and repair of your fleet.


For many fleet owners and managers, this sounds counterintuitive. Why would you fix a machine if it isn’t broken? And that mindset is precisely what’s costing your fleet big money.


By the time a machine breaks down completely, the problem has progressed well beyond the original issue to affect the operation of the entire machine. That means it could inflict damage on other parts long before you notice that something is wrong.


Preventative maintenance is about stopping those minor issues before they have the chance to become expensive repairs.

Why Preventative Maintenance Strengthens Your Fleet

Over time, this strengthens your entire fleet.


For one thing, you no longer have to worry about losing machines to unplanned downtime. Preventative maintenance programs can keep machines on scheduled maintenance routines, preventing small problems before they can inflict serious harm. This means you won’t have to upend your whole production cycle for a broken down machine.


Instead, you can rigorously manage your machines down to every last minute.


Plus, with preventative maintenance, you can stay one step ahead of your maintenance requirements. You can keep a close eye on fussy machines and check up on frequent problems. Since preventative maintenance requires scheduling in advance, you can make sure that every machine gets attention when it’s due.


There’s just one problem: staying on top of your preventative maintenance program. After all, you’ve got employees and customers to manage, never mind the full-time job required to stay on top of your maintenance staff for a truly successful preventative maintenance program.


That’s where we come in.

The Key to Great Maintenance

Do you know what makes great maintenance? We do.


Our team comes to you with years of experience making old and refurbished trucks run like they’re brand new. That’s because we know the keys to fantastic maintenance:


  • Focusing on the fundamentals

  • Changing the cycle of maintenance

  • Bringing in experts


You see, it’s not just about making your trucks work. It’s about finding a maintenance system that works for your bottom line. On one hand, you can’t afford to have trucks out of commission for major breakdowns. On the other hand, you can’t afford to constantly have trucks out of circulation for maintenance either.


Here’s how we strike the perfect balance for your fleet.

Focus on Fundamentals

First and foremost, we keep the focus on your fundamentals: working for your bottom line, not against it.


Since we know that you can’t afford to go broke on unnecessary maintenance, we’ll help focus on the essential parts: brakes, tires, axle alignment, the cooling system, the transmission, and the chassis and body fasteners. These are critical areas your trucks need to run successfully, so we’ll keep routine maintenance focused on those areas.


However, we’ll also keep an eye on smaller areas of concern. If a problem does arise, you can focus on dealing with the problem, rather than spending money on preventing every possible problem that might occur.


In short, a smarter way to do maintenance.

Change the Cycle

This is all part of changing the way you think about the maintenance cycle.


If you’re like most waste haulers, you keep your trucks for as long as possible to maximize your ROI. But in order for that method to work, you have to build in a maintenance program that maximizes the life cycle of every truck.


To do that, you need to treat your trucks like you would treat your own health.


Much like a person, trucks benefit from steps taken in advance to maintain their health before any issues can arise. A person needs to eat their vegetables, get a flu shot, and get a physical, A truck needs its oil changed, its brakes checked, and other regular maintenance tasks to keep the whole machine running in tip-top shape.


That’s where we come in.


We know how to perform maintenance that will help you get years of great performance from a truck–even an old or refurbished truck. We know how to check aging trucks and protect new trucks against the effects of wear and tear. It’s all about changing the maintenance cycle from reactive to proactive.


That way, your trucks can be an asset, not a liability.

Bring in Experts

Of course, we couldn’t do it without a team of experts to bring your preventative maintenance programs to life.


We’re proud to employ some of the best workers in the business. We look for employees who know their way around machines like they built the engine personally. And once we have employees, we continue to invest in their education and improving job skills.


The reason is simple: an investment in our team translates directly into an investment in our customers. If you want to give customers the best service, you need the best people for the job. We don’t settle for anything less because our customers shouldn’t settle either.

Our Available Maintenance Services

We offer several top-of-the-line maintenance services for you and your fleet, all supported by a team of experts and standout customer service.


So, whether you need preventative maintenance, mobile maintenance, or on-site fleet repairs, we can help keep your fleet hale and healthy. Here are a few services our team can perform in support of your fleet and workers.

Preventative Maintenance

We know that there’s a need for high-quality, cost-effective refuse trucks in the industry, and refurbished trucks can offer the best of both worlds. But in order to keep a refurbished truck in good condition, you need outstanding maintenance support.


Our team knows how to manage your preventative maintenance for a better, more efficient process. It all comes back to our central goal: providing an unforgettable customer experience at any stage of the buying cycle.

On-Site Fleet Maintenance

One of the easiest places to repair your machines is your office site. The good news? Our team can be wherever you need us to be, whenever you need us to be there.


We can work with your staff to develop an on-site fleet maintenance system that makes the most of your time. We know that while many trucks have similar maintenance needs, the needs of the company behind those trucks are unique. That’s why we work with you to build a maintenance program that makes it possible to achieve your goals.

Mobile Maintenance

However, we also know that when you rely on commercial trucks, those trucks need to hit the road to do their job. And while it would be convenient for trucks to have maintenance issues worked out before they leave the shop, sometimes Murphy’s Law wins out.


Whatever the case, we can meet you in the middle and get your trucks back on schedule.


Our team provides top-notch mobile maintenance with fast, effective service no matter how far your trucks are from your primary work site. If it’s within 70 miles of your business location in the greater Atlanta area, our team can service it. It’s that simple.


We know that there’s a huge demand for cost-effective trucks. However, those trucks also need to run effectively for a long time. That’s why, for the last several years, we’ve focused on delivering refurbished trucks that run as though they’re brand new.


It’s a cost-effective option for your business and a better choice for our environment. A key component of our company is responsible business, which is why we make it easy to reuse the large amounts of steel and parts that go into a single garbage truck.


Whether you’re looking to refurbish a gently used truck or one with thousands of miles on it, we provide service speaks for itself. We have the expertise, the capital, and the commitment to provide a high-quality one-stop shop for all things refuse trucks, and we would be proud to help improve the way your company does business every single day.

Why Choose Us?

There are plenty of companies in the greater Atlanta area, but there’s only one Blue Sky Refurbishing. And once you try our services, we guarantee that you won’t want to go anywhere else.


Our service is based on simple factors that we know our customers demand: fast, reliable service, great trucks, performance upgrades that are always worth the investment, and an expert guarantee that your maintenance dollar is well spent.

Guaranteed Fast Service

We know that you can’t afford to stand still for a breakdown. Your customers won’t wait, and you shouldn’t have to wait either.


That’s why we guarantee fast, reliable service every single time. We’re here to make maintenance work for your company’s goals, so when you call us, you can rest assured that your truck will be back on the road in no time at all, running like new again.

Expert Maintenance

We can guarantee fast, fantastic services because we have the maintenance experts to deliver on that promise.


Our team is made of the best people in the business. We’re proud of the work our team does every single day, and every new member of our team is an asset in delivering an unforgettable customer experience. Because we know that when it comes to your bottom line, you can’t afford to settle for anything less than the best.

Real Results

Finally, we deliver real results you can see and feel. No ifs, ands, or buts.


We believe that great service is simple. When you bring together the best people, the best practices, and the best tools for the job, you get results. We’re here to show you what maintenance can really be–a service that supports your bottom line.


When you call us in for the job, we’re not going to give you inflated prices, unnecessary fixes, or loopholes. We’re going to provide service that can speak for itself, that strengthens your fleet and improves your business operations every single day.

Let Us Go to Work for You

Ready to see what great preventative maintenance can truly be? We’re ready to make it happen.


We’re here to be your one-stop-shop for all things related to refuse vehicles. You get great trucks at competitive prices with customer service that sets the bar high. In short, we’re here to provide the outstanding maintenance experience your team needs and deserves.

Ready to set your fleet up for success? So are we. Pick up the phone, pull up a chair, and let’s start the conversation about what you what your fleet to achieve. Get in touch today to find out how we can make your fleet better than ever.