As the world continues to seek protection from the Coronavirus outbreak, people are stocking up on powerful cleaning agents. Vamoose Products offers a proven way to reduce existing smoke-related toxins from surfaces and the air to protect those with compromised respiratory systems.


Round Rock, TX, March 17, 2020  – Vamoose Products features a robust line of smoke odor removal products that help to provide healthier indoor air quality. Vamoose! is a smoke odor remover that does much more than simply mask airborne smoke odors. The power of Vamoose! gets rid of the source tar and nicotine residue left behind from smokers. This eliminates carcinogens for safer and healthier air quality. It works by converting these dangerous residues into non-volatile and non-odorous compounds. This makes Vamoose! an ideal product for improving air quality for those with preexisting respiratory conditions related to smoking and for non-smokers as well.

Stephen Parkhurst, spokesperson for Vamoose! says, “During this pandemic, it is more important than ever for the public to protect the indoor air quality of their homes, offices, and vehicles. Those with compromised respiratory systems related to smoking are at even greater risk during this time. With calls to stay at home and practice social distancing, the need is even more paramount, especially for those living in homes that are already contaminated by smoke residue. If one were to contract Covid-19, the contamination in the home, plus a compromised respiratory system from smoking, would make one’s recovery more difficult. The Vamoose! product line is ideal for removing these harmful toxins from indoor environments, making the air safer to breathe”.

There are many dangerous effects of third-hand smoke that most people are unaware of. Hard to remove tobacco and smoke-related residues can release carcinogens into the air that may cause cancer. These volatile compounds can also irritate the respiratory system and put those with existing health conditions at a greater risk. If you’re a smoker or non-smoker living in a contaminated area then this product is one step you can take to improve the air quality in your environment. Vamoose! smoke odor eliminator is the only product on the market that does this safely and effectively. It also works without causing damage to the surface area that the product comes into contact with.

Vamoose! is ideal for eliminating smoke-related residues from your home, apartment, office, car, RV, or even hotel rooms when on vacation or traveling for business. It’s safe to use on clothing, furniture, mattresses, and upholstery items, like linens, and curtains. Vamoose! even works on hard surfaces, like walls and ceilings. The Vamoose! line of top smoke odor removers can penetrate a variety of materials, including fabrics, leather, and wood.

Stores across the country are becoming sold out of household products and cleaning agents. A benefit of Vamoose Products is they are only available for online purchase. This is helpful for consumers who are practicing social distancing and especially those who can’t take the chance of going to the store.

Vamoose Products are available in different fragrances. This includes fresh scent, leather scent, new car scent, and a fragrance-free option. Customers can choose products in different sizes based on their needs. Vamoose! spray bottles come in a 4oz, 16oz, and 32oz. Gallon sizes are also available for refills or bigger cleaning projects. Vamoose Products are made in the U.S.A and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Vamoose Products:  Vamoose Products provide a line of smoke odor removal products. Vamoose! gets rid of source tar and nicotine, which is linked to carcinogens and third-hand smoke. Other products help to mask smells. Vamoose! removes smoke odors by eliminating the contamination at the source.

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