Huntsville, AL, July 23rd, 2023 – DEMOS, a leading provider of identity verification solutions, today announced the launch of its comprehensive suite of AI products designed to empower businesses by enhancing human authority, ensuring privacy, and validating authenticity.

The suite includes customizable checks for verifying users, customizable workflows for orchestrating user identity, a hub for reviewing and investigating cases, and tools to uncover fraudulent activity used to game and manipulate blockchain activity. These solutions help businesses automate, secure, and streamline their identity verification processes.

“This is the right place and time to harness AI to tackle problems that otherwise remain unanswered in the digital world,” said Zane Huffman, the CEO of DEMOS. “We believe in our ability to support businesses to empower the human authority of their users privately and efficiently.”

DEMOS’ offerings allow for creating custom-branded identity verification flows, offer a robust library of biometric verification methods, automate processes, provide a single investigations hub, and uncover and stop sophisticated fraud rings (bot and whale related). When necessary, our tool can integrate with existing Social and CRM platforms.

“I am excited to support DEMOS in their important mission,” said the lead investor Matthew Roszak. “Their commitment to empowering human authority, ensuring privacy, and validating authenticity is something web3 needs to scale, and I am excited for the journey ahead.”

DEMOS is geared towards businesses that need to promote the integrity and authenticity of their real users against bots and other multi-account bad actors. It is widely applicable throughout the web3 space for situations such as NFT mints, airdrops, and token launches. Elsewhere, Demos supports use cases across FinTech and Social Media with an automated, universal approach to eliminate Sybil attacks and much more. 

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DEMOS is a leading provider of identity verification solutions. They aim to empower businesses by providing cutting-edge technology solutions that drive growth and efficiency. Their comprehensive suite of products is designed to empower human authority, ensure privacy, and validate authenticity. For more information, visit 

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