Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) is pleased to announce the addition of its new personal protective face shield to its product lineup. UTM’s mission is to produce the most technologically advanced personal protective equipment for military and law enforcement worldwide. UTM’s full front protective face shield provides splash protection, full 180-degree visibility, and more. The mask is easy to clean, prevents hands-to-face contact and lifts for easy communication and can be adjusted for a perfect fit. UTM’s latest offering provides effective secondary protection when combined with additional personal protective equipment like fabricated masks. 


North Branch, NJ, United States – April 27, 2020 – Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) is pleased to announce the addition of its new personal protective face mask to its product lineup. 

UTM’s latest offering is a full front face shield that offers secondary protection in conjunction with other personal protective equipment like prescription eyewear,  surgical masks, and other fabricated masks. 

Some features of UTM’s face mask include: 

Comfort and Convenience: The face shield lifts to allow for easy communication and includes a ratchet adjustment that enables a custom fit.  The mask enables full 180-degree visibility even while wearing prescription eyewear or sunglasses. The mask is lightweight and breathable, making it comfortable for all-day wear. 

Hygenic and Simple to Clean: The mask consists of high-quality plastic construction which enables it to be quickly and easily cleaned. 

Removable Chin Guard: The chin guard is removable which enables more airflow. The user can also choose to keep it in place for added protection. 

The full front protective face shield is beneficial in various industries including: 

Healthcare: Those in the healthcare industry benefit from the mask’s added splash protection that prevents the splash risks from direct patient contact. The mask also offers secondary protection when used with other PPE. 

First Responders: First responders can also use the mask for splash protection. The ample face coverage the mask provides serves as protection from airborne debris, and the mask can be flipped up to make communication easier. 

Commercial: Those in industries like retail and sales can also benefit from UTMs face shield through the prevention of hands to face contact and all-day protection and comfort. 

“UTM is pleased to offer this top-of-the-line solution for those who need it most,” said Tony Lambraia, Vice President at UTM. “Our protective face shield provides the ultimate in comfort, ease of use, and protection. We look forward to continuing to provide industries like law enforcement and healthcare with additional solutions to help ensure their safety.”

For those wondering “where can I purchase face masks,” UTM offers single and bulk protective face mask orders.

Visit UTM’s website to learn more about its products. 

About UTM 

Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) was founded with a mission to produce the most technologically advanced training solution and personal protective equipment for military and law enforcement worldwide. UTM offers solutions for personal protection, health, and safety. 

UTM products, including force-on-force personal protective equipment (PPE), have been utilized globally by militaries, law enforcement, and professional training organizations.

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