Imagine a world where startups don’t struggle with piecing together financial management from self-taught bookkeepers and overloaded CPAs. Upward Insights is making that world a reality with scalable finance department solutions designed for the needs of startups and high-growth businesses. This means bookkeeping, active partnerships, strategic guidance, and free programs to help companies soar.

Denver, CO, May 16, 2024 — Upward Insights, a leading provider of finance solutions, is shaking up how startups and high-growth businesses manage their finances. They’re offering a unique model that delivers more than just numbers; they provide scalable finance departments tailored to each client’s specific needs.

“The traditional approach to startup finance is broken,” says Luis Lomanov, Owner & Founder of Upward Insights. “Many businesses rely on self-taught bookkeepers or CPAs who are excellent at tax but lack the experience to build a strategic finance function critical for growth.”

Upward Insights fills this gap by offering a comprehensive suite of services, including dedicated finance teams, a free Finance Accelerator program, investor reporting, and expert support for fundraising and mergers & acquisitions.

One of the most exciting aspects of Upward Insights’ offering is the Finance Accelerator program. This free, 3-6 month program, valued at $10,000, equips high-growth startups with the tools and expertise needed to build a strong financial foundation.

“Our Finance Accelerator program is a game-changer for startups,” explains Makayla Mitchell, Director of Fin Ops & Reporting at Upward Insights. “It provides them with the resources and guidance to establish a scalable finance function that can support their growth ambitions.”

The Finance Accelerator program is just one facet of Upward Insights’ comprehensive suite of services, which includes tailored financial teams, investor-friendly Bookkeeping and Reporting, fundraising and M&A support, tax services, and specialty finance services such as financial modeling and analytics and SOPs development. Backed by a team of seasoned finance professionals, including Director of Financial Operations & Reporting Makayla Mitchell and Manager of FP&A Kristyna Cabanova, Upward Insights delivers tailored solutions that drive tangible results for its clients.

Upward Insights differentiates itself from competitors by actively partnering with clients to manage their finances. They go beyond simply providing reports; they offer strategic guidance, develop systems, and deploy best practices to help businesses thrive. With half the cost, lower risks, and faster deployment compared to traditional in-house teams, Upward Insights offers a superior alternative that empowers businesses to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape.

“We don’t just crunch numbers, we become an extension of your team,” says Luis Lomanov. “We provide the expertise, tools, and ongoing support to empower businesses to make data-driven decisions and achieve their financial goals.”

Ready to ditch the financial headache and focus on growth? Schedule a meeting with Upward Insights today and see how their scalable finance solutions can help your business thrive.

About Upward Insights:

Upward Insights is a finance solutions provider that delivers scalable finance departments to startups and high-growth businesses. Their team of experienced professionals provides a full spectrum of finance, accounting, and tax services, allowing clients to focus on running their businesses while Upward Insights takes care of the financial foundation. Upward Insights offers a unique blend of active participation, expert guidance, and leading-edge tools to empower businesses for sustainable growth.

Contact Information:

Organization: Upward Insights

Contact Person: Luis Lomanov

Phone Number: 6127025912

Address: 1312 17th Street, Unit #2168, Denver, CO 80202