Upstate Personal Injury Lawyers, LLC, a law firm based in Greenville, South Carolina, has launched a new website to help citizens with personal injury cases.


Greenville, SC, June 24, 2021- Personal injury incidents can be stressful for all those involved. Aside from the trauma stemming from the incident itself, you may also have to worry about legal issues.

Upstate Personal Injury Lawyers, LLC is here to help you fight in court. The Law team has over forty years of legal experience. 

“When you bring your problem to Upstate Personal Injury Lawyers, LLC, your problems become our problems,” said Angela Frazier, one of the leading attorneys on the team.

Upstate Personal Injury can provide you with the best Greenville personal injury lawyer in the area! The team works in many different areas of injury including car, truck, Uber, Lyft, bicycle, bus, and motorcycle accidents.

Looking to find a Greenville wrongful death lawyer? The team has you covered!

Upstate also works with birth injuries, wrongful death, medical malpractice, and more.

“Our vast experience allows us to assist as many people as possible,” said Frazier.

The team has just launched their new website. The slick, simple design of the website makes it easy for clients to navigate the page and find what they are looking for.

On the website, users can find all the different practice areas that Upstate Personal Injury Lawyers, LLC excels in. Users can select the practice area and read a more in-depth description of the practice area. This allows the client to guarantee that they are working in the proper area.

There is also an ‘about us’ section where you can learn more about the team representing you.

There is also a contact section where you can get in touch with the team. Simply fill out your contact information, write your message, and a representative will get in touch with you in no time. In addition to this, there is a live chat function in case you need assistance immediately. The law firm’s phone number is also visible in the top right corner.

If you are looking for a Greenville car accident lawyer, or any other kind of personal injury representation, Upstate Personal Injury Lawyers, LLC is the team for you! Their experience and professionalism are unbeatable!

About Upstate Personal Injury Lawyers, LLC: We bring over 40 years of legal experience to each case. This means that when you bring your problem to Upstate Personal Injury Lawyers, LLC, your problems become our problems. We focus on relieving you of the stress of these issues and letting you get back to your life to focus on recovery from your injuries. Upstate Personal Injury Lawyers, LLC, was built on the belief that attorneys should be readily available to their clients while providing honest evaluations of cases, affordable fees, and aggressive representation. We will be outworked by no one, and no one will be more prepared to handle your legal needs.

Contact Information:

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Upstate Personal Injury Lawyers, LLC, 601 E. McBee Ave. #115, Greenville, South Carolina 29601
(864) 686-5500