UpGrowth Media, a digital marketing agency in Ohio, is celebrating its grand opening! The new company focuses on providing digital marketing services for small and medium-sized businesses through building partnerships and strategies to reach company goals. UpGrowth Media specializes in social media marketing and pay-per-click marketing to help business owner’s dreams become reality!


Akron, OH, August 3, 2020 – Local Ohio digital marketing agency, UpGrowth Media, is celebrating its grand opening as the newest data-driven marketing agency! By specializing in social media and pay-per-click marketing, the company focuses on providing digital services for small and medium-sized businesses through building partnerships, strategies, and solutions to reach each company’s goals. As a new start-up company, UpGrowth Media is passionate about helping other start-ups, small businesses, and other medium-sized businesses turn their vision into reality!

The recently established agency is fueled on a passion for entrepreneurship and to become the future for “digital marketing and innovative thinking” to allow other businesses to thrive. UpGrowth Media has provided its services to a wide range of other businesses industries including fitness, e-commerce, residential and commercial contractors, real estate, and so much more!

UpGrowth Media is proud to honor small and medium-sized businesses with innovative digital media gurus and professional marketing technicians that understand the industry and what it takes to help a business succeed. For more information about how to help market your business with UpGrowth Media, please visit https://www.upgrowthmedia.com/.

About UpGrowth Media: Started on the mission to “fill the gap in the marketing industry,” UpGrowth Media focuses on social media and other PPC advertising platforms to enhance your business goals and the customer experience. The digital marketing agency was built to fill a void in the market by providing premium marketing solutions to small and medium-sized businesses based on what owner and president, Derek Cook, witnessed from his family’s photography business. At a young age, Cook saw the highs and lows of his family owning and running an established business, and when that business unfortunately failed, Cook made it his mission to help other businesses succeed. 

Today, Cook uses this experience as “fuel to help push forward and make other businesses successful,” and having a solid foundation of beliefs to properly run and market a company. By practicing and developing extensive strategies in social media marketing and pay-per-click advertising, UpGrowth Media can help transform any business by “creating and executing marketing strategies that will increase your company’s revenue.” UpGrowth Media understands the stresses that may come from trying to establish your brand and your niche on social media, which is why the UpGrowth’s team of digital experts utilize only the best platforms necessary for your company and a personalized experience tailored directly to your company’s services.

Like any company, small and medium-sized businesses are always looking for help in strategies to increase sales, visits, and leads, and UpGrowth Media is ready to transform any business into the household name everyone will know! For more information about the services UpGrowth Media provides, please visit https://www.upgrowthmedia.com/social-media-marketing.

Contact Info:

Derek Cook
UpGrowth Media
Akron, Ohio
Office: (330) 302-6020