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Homeowners have the ability to fully customize virtually every aspect of their property.

That’s pretty amazing, you can make your home- YOU!

You can upgrade your furniture and appliances, paint all the colors and repaint as much as you want when the mood of life throws you for a swing.

If you are super adventurous you could even add an entire creativity room or game room to your home.

Whatever you want to do — you can do it!

If you’re wondering where you should start with your custom remodeling plans, consider taking a look at your bedroom closet.

Ohh the expansions that are possible with the right shelving and organization.

Did you know that the home organization market is worth $17 billion?


That is a lot of dollars considering some homeowners don’t have the best places to organize their clothes and other necessities.

Did you know that an organized home can help organize and clear your mind?

Reach in closets are the ideal storage areas that people should incorporated to increase home organization, productivity and sense of calm.

Here are some of the main benefits of reach in closets:

1. Customizable Storage

A skilled and experienced closet designer can design custom closets for your home.

There are bunches of custom closet ideas out there in the industry, so you only need to think about what is good for your house and talk about the idea to your designer.

Would a special wrack for your shoes make you feel glamorous?

What about a custom jewelry case for all the gems?

You and your style is one of a kind, with that in mind- design.

The closet can be designed such that it is consistent with other features in your humble abode.

Match up your closet to the color of the interior walls, or give it a pop of inspiration with a glittering red.

2. Easily Accessible.

When it comes to bedroom closets, accessibility is most important.

No one wants to struggle to reach their dress shirts or have to crawl down and find a pair of shoes.

You want to enter your closet as a sanctuary to you, your style, and your creative wardrobe.

Bedroom closets need to be easily accessible — and reach in closets certainly are.

Closets designed with reach in mind mean no struggling, easyclean up and stash away, and a little room to dance in your best get up from night to day.

With reach in closets, no more shuffling and digging through your clothes every morning.

Grab that gorgeous red dress, hand your husband his matching bow tie and head outside.

You can easily see what you want and access it without an issue- anytime.

3. Keeps Things Organized

Organization is key for every closet.

Maybe you have the largest closet ever seen, but if your organizational skills aren’t up to par, you’ll continue to struggle putting together an outfit or finding clothing items.

Have a section for all attires, from your sunday best, to rolling on the backroads and getting a little mud on the tires.

Outdoor outfits, bathing suits, black tie affairs-  you need it the outfit is there right where it is supposed to be.

A reach-in closet has a place for everything, which means that all things inside the wardrobe are placed in the most appropriate area — which is also quite easy to reach.

This doesn’t just help with bedroom and closet organization, either, but keeps the entire house organized, and your mind at ease.

4. Get Ready Quicker

With a reach in closet, you will be able to grab everything and prepare yourself quickly, allowing you to get on with your daily activities and responsibilities — and look great!

Yup, adding reach to your closet means you now have time to do your hair like that cool style you saw online!

You don’t have to move from one closet to the other looking for an outfit or shuffling through random clothing items inside dressers.

Before you know it you’ll have time to shave, freshen up, eat breakfast, and enjoy that hot coffee cup.


Because everything is located in one easy-to-find place. Getting ready quickly isn’t just about grabbing your clothes, either.

You’ll be able to conveniently store and access jewelry items, shoes, fragrances, cosmetic products, and anything else that you need to get ready.

Keep everything inside a clean, concise, and organized place by revamping your bedroom closet’s design.

And don’t forget to add your own twist, your closet should be your beautiful personal assistant, designed with you in mind.

BONUS: Save Some Money

Finally, there is another benefit of upgrading your bedroom’s closet that you might not be aware of: you’ll save money!

Although you’ll have to shell out some cash initially, once your closet is set up and looking great, your entire property’s value will increase.

Even if you don’t plan on selling your home in the next few years, it’s still a great idea to do all you can to boost your home’s value — just in case.

The days of keeping your expensive clothes and jewelry on the table or floor are gone.

You need to be organized and keep your things together with a reach in closet.

It’s time to declutter your life and upgrade your closet based on you!

If you want to learn more about the advantages of a reach in closet or work with a professional designer, give 180 Closet Design a call right away!