Were you or a loved one on board United Airlines Flight UA627 from Denver to Newark Liberty Airport on Saturday 15 June 2019?

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You may be entitled to compensation for any injuries and emotional trauma that you have suffered as the result of this aviation accident. You need an experienced aviation attorney who can pursue united airlines for the maximum possible compensation.

About the UA627 Accident Denver (DEN) – Newark (EWR)

It is reported that the Boeing 757 operated by United Airlines departed from Denver International Airport (DEN) in Colorado at 7.25AM and was scheduled to arrive at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey  (EWR) at 1.11PM.

The plane had a hard landing accident on runway 22L at Newark Liberty at 12.55PM and suffered substantial damage to the fuselage. The plane bounced upon landing on the runway and the aircraft veered off the left side. The aircraft came to rest with the main gear and nose landing gear to the left of the runway.

Injured or Traumatized by the UA627 Plane Accident?

It’s not just physical injuries that can be compensated for, we understand that any plane accident can cause permanent emotional trauma. Many people involved in aviation accidents suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which can have a serious impact on your life.

Fear of flying in the future can potentially have a severe impact on your future income. We at Keith Williams Law Group are here to ensure you receive the maximum possible compensation for both physical injuries as well as emotional distress.

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