UNITAS Life is excited to share its newest product. Made for focus and mental energy, this supplement will increase mental focus like never before.


Dublin, IE, 04 September 2020 –  For the first time ever, UNITAS Life has launched a new nootropic for mental energy and focus.

UNITAS Life, an Ireland-based cognitive performance capsule manufacturer, is excited to share its newest product. Made for focus and mental energy, this Nootropic supplement will increase mental focus like never before.

According to the company, “UNITAS.LIFE was founded in 2017 with the aim of helping humans with various types of training methods, movement, strength, mobility, conditioning, anaerobic, aerobic, yoga, etc. With combination the understanding of consuming adequate amounts of nutrition for both the body and mind via food, herbs, plant extracts, mushroom extracts, amino acids multivitamins so you are fully optimized. We have always been passionate about helping people train their body, and understand themselves more, in turn becoming more healthy and happier within oneself.”

UNITAS Life provides a wide variety of Intramind and other products to help improve overall health, which are all offered on its website at www.unitas.life. 

The company continues to state that, “while the founder David McGuinness spent many years training, doing courses and understanding his nutrition.  He still felt that his cognition was low, this is where he sourced the finest ingredients, so he would have an upgrade in cognition. The idea of Intramind was born with the realization within himself and for other human beings’ brains to be running at an optimal level. Throughout the last couple of years, we were able to derive the best ingredients while manually manufacturing many capsules.”

With so people looking to boost their energy and focus, it can be difficult to know where to look for a healthy boost. That’s where UNITAS Life comes in. With a focus on quality ingredients and customer service, UNITAS Life’s supplements are guaranteed to gives you the clarity you need to succeed.

The company explains that “throughout all stages of development we consistently aimed at providing the best ingredients combining them perfectly together and with the help and commitment of beautiful beings assisting with doing research and analysis of testing our unique blends, that have changed throughout the time. Intramind… was created to help feed your brain with the best nutritional ingredients, so you can have a well rounded mental performance.”

Looking to step up your workout routine?

At UNITAS Life, the company’s mission is simple: “to help our customers achieve the highest degree of cognitive and physical performance by taking a holistic approach to health and wellness, letting you live a longer, stronger, and happier/healthier life.”

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If that’s the case, visit www.unitas.life today!

About UNITAS Life: UNITAS Life is a cognitive performance capsule manufacturer that is based out of Dublin, Ireland.

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Name: Hitesh Singh
Organization: UNITAS Life
Address: UNITAS Life, 22 St Declan’s Road, Dublin
Website: www.unitas.life