New therapy practice to provide services to the Gainesville, FL area. The practice will work with a wide range of individuals in the community to get them the services they need. The services cover speech and language therapy in the office, in the client’s homes, and within the community. Learn more at


Gainesville, FL, September 17, 2020– A New Speech and Language Therapy Practice Brings Unique and Accessible Services to the Community in Gainesville, FL.

Families in the Gainesville area will soon have access to a local speech and language therapy practice. The practice will provide in-community, in-office, and in-home therapy services addressing a wide range of disorders from birth through adult age.

Unify Speech Therapy, LLC puts a new spin on speech and language therapy in Gainesville FL.

Unify Speech Therapy, LLC will evaluate and treat disorders involving speech, language, voice, cognitive, and swallowing for pediatric, adult, and geriatric aged clients. Evaluations and treatment will be provided using a variety of evidence-based, multi-modal interventions.

Kristen Lewandowski, the owner of Unified Speech Therapy, LLC, and an American Speech-Language-Hearing Association certified speech-language pathologist, says her practice will also focus on community support, bringing services to families and clients that may not have access. She will also be providing education and awareness opportunities via a “get therapy, give therapy” model and community or office-based outreach events.

“In my 10 years of practice, I have seen children and adults in my community go without much-needed speech therapy services due to limited or no access to healthcare, transportation, or support,” says Lewandowski. “I can no longer ignore the need that exists in our community to reach these families.”

Lewandowski also shares that “Unify Speech Therapy is our way of bridging the gap in access to allied health services,” she says about the new services. “I am excited to see how our mission can make a change for those in our community with speech, language, cognitive, and/or swallowing disorders.”

Unify Speech Therapy, LLC will soon be ready to offer speech therapy Gainesville FL services to the community. Check out their new website to learn more about the services that they will have available to give back to the community.

About Unify Speech Therapy, LLC: Speech therapist provided services to the Gainesville, FL community. Speech, language, voice, cognitive, and swallowing disorders will be treated for patients of all ages and levels of need.

About Kristen Lewandowski: Kristen is the owner of Unify Speech Therapy, LLC. She is also a certified speech pathologist who has made it her mission to bring these services to the people who need it the most.

Contact Information:

Name: Kristen M. Lewandowski
Organization: Unify Speech Therapy, LLC
Address: Gainesville, FL
Phone: 352-575-9210