VCE Book Club offers a Deep Dive program, designed for students heading into Year 12.


Australia, 7 November 2021 — You may be amazing at Physics or Computing or Studio Arts, but if your English score is ordinary it will bring your overall study score – and your ATAR – down. And that means potentially missing out on the course offers you have your heart set on.

The trouble is that in Unit 3&4 English it’s not just one or two but four texts you will need to know and understand (or three if you’re an EAL student). You need to know them well so that you can analyse them. Compare them. Respond quickly and cleverly to a prompt without blanking out in your end-of-year exam.

Unfortunately, there simply isn’t enough time to read all of your texts in class like you did in Year 9, and your teacher is relying on you to read each one in your own time beforehand. It’s hard to face all those pages or Shakespearean language on your own…

But don’t worry anymore, VCE Book Club is committed to Preparing for Year 12 and setting you up for success. And they’ve come up with an out-of-the-box idea that’s refreshingly different!

How? It’s simple. With VCE English Tutoring. Take a Deep Dive program that offers: short sessions held via live stream. 10 sessions per novel and 2 sessions per play, and all novels and plays on the 2022 Unit 3&4 text list are covered. All you need to do is select your chosen text from the VCE English Books and log in each time the next session is scheduled. Grab a drink and your text and curl up in your favourite chair… it’s storytime!

Deep Dives run from Thursday 9th December 2021 through 29th January 2022, with a break for us all to enjoy Christmas and New Year. You’ll be rested, read-up, and ready to hit the ground running for Term 1!

If you’re wondering if this is any different from listening to an audiobook, well… audiobooks are awesome and we highly recommend them! But a Deep Dive is so much more, first of all, the book is being read live with you. That means it’ll be easier to stay focused as you listen.

Second, you’ll experience it over a number of weeks so you can absorb it in chunks. Each week they’ll talk through those important elements of character, plot, themes, setting, symbols, values, ideas, so by the time you’ve finished, you’ll have a really good understanding of the text. And most importantly, you can ask questions about things you’re unsure of or confused about!

Who’s behind this great method? Meet Amanda Kendall, a qualified VCE teacher specialising in English and Media who ran her own business, Punctuate Writing & Editing, for eight years. As a child, Amanda’s parents didn’t have much wealth but she experienced a lovely childhood thanks to her mother’s habit of reading stories every day. This constant immersion instilled a love of words and books and learning. It’s the reason she loves to help students discover the joy of reading and loves supporting teachers in the amazing work they do.

Find out more about this outside-the-box great method on and book your own Deep Dive as bookings are open now for Summer 2022.

Contact Info:

Name: Amanda Kendall
Organisation: VCE Book Club
Address: PO Box, 2451, Noosa Heads, QLD, 4567