At a time when in-person meetings have become increasingly difficult, Unblu is launching an express package to help banks and insurance companies collaborate with their clients remotely and securely, which is specifically designed to get companies operational within just a week.


Basel, Switzerland, 1 May 2020 – The trend has become apparent. More and more organizations, schools, and businesses are conducting meetings remotely and collaborating over distance. Everything from school classes to conference calls are being conducted with the aid of remote connections. But for highly regulated businesses such as banks, investment firms, or insurance companies, security concerns mean that it may not be quite as easy as hopping on one of the popular video chat applications.

Unblu, one of Europe’s leading providers of conversational and collaboration software for the financial industry, is engineered for highly regulated businesses. Unblu is positioned at the cutting edge of conversational banking, providing secure and compliant engagement solutions in support of the advisor-client relationship. Unblu helps you bridge the gap between your customers and your company’s sales, advisory, and support teams.  

With the increasing reliance on online communications, it’s no longer sufficient to merely provide basic balance, payment, and transaction information to your customers. And they need more than a simple budget and goals dashboard in your mobile app. It is imperative that banks offer a full range of digital customer service to make every interaction and conversation count.

With Unblu there are no downloads, installations, or plug-ins. Just include a single line of Javascript code on your website organization’s website and customers can share their browser windows with a single click. It can be easily incorporated into an existing banking or insurance infrastructure and is completely encrypted and secure.

Unblu’s Conversational Platform for Financial Services empowers financial institutions to increase the quality and frequency of online conversions, delivering better customer experience, and building successful business relationships. And Unblu’s co-browsing software allows banks and customers to collaborate in real-time. Relationship Managers can discuss opportunities with a customer, fill out forms, or purchase financial products online.

Especially now, Banks must humanize the technology they use throughout the entire customer journey. Omnichannel customer engagement solutions technologies, like those developed by Unblu, let banks serve their customers in a seamless, fluid way, no matter what type of device, channel, or type of consultation and advice they require. Unblu offers a solution that allows the institution’s internal teams to explore innovative business models and serve the customer in more efficient ways.

Over one hundred and fifty financial institutions worldwide trust Unblu with their customer collaboration technology. Empower your team to text, talk, and collaborate with your customers, using Unblu.

About the Company: Software company Unblu empowers banks and insurance companies to connect with clients in a more meaningful way. With operations in the US, UK, and Southern and Eastern Europe, Unblu’s platform combines the best of human and high-tech to give advisors the flexibility necessary to deliver outstanding customer service. With a range of solutions that enable financial institutions to provide real-time, personalized, and secure guidance, Unblu is at the forefront of conversational technology for financial services, helping banks and insurance companies stand out in a competitive market.

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