Ukulele Music Info is a fast-growing website for aspiring ukulele players seeking to book lessons online. Their website ( offers a comprehensive list of top-rated online instructors for all types of learners, as well as a wealth of knowledge on selecting a ukulele, purchasing accessories, and tips on selecting the right online instructor. Learning the ukulele has never been easier and more convenient!

LAS VEGAS, NV  — January 16, 2020 — is a comprehensive website for beginner to advanced ukulele players seeking professional online ukulele lessons that can be taken from anywhere in the world.

Have you always wanted to learn to play the ukulele or had the desire to take your ukulele skills to the next level? Then this site has exactly what you need!

Nothing is as relaxing and melodic as one of your favorite songs played on a ukulele, the official musical instrument of Hawaii. 

Celebrities like The Rock, Tom Hanks, President Barack Obama, and Cybill Shepherd have all taken ukulele lessons, along with professional musicians seeking to expand their craft like Taylor Swift, the late George Harrison, Bette Midler, and Madonna. 

“Our website makes it incredibly easy for first-timers to find the course they’re looking for,” said Dave Cohen, founder of Ukulele Music Info. “We offer a growing list of online instructors with a description of their service, customer ratings and even a pro and con list for each vendor. We want to provide our customers with as many options as possible so they can finally pursue their dreams of learning the ukulele.”

Ukulele Music Info’s website also provides resources for experienced and non-experienced ukulele players, with information on purchasing a ukulele, recommendations for accessories like strings or gig bags, and free online guides on topics like tuning your ukulele.  

Are you ready to take ukulele lessons online

On his website, Cohen suggests researching each instructor first to find out if their teaching style would work best for you. Online webcam lessons can be more expensive, he said, but will help you learn more. And, finally, he said to set aside time for small practice sessions and check out his blog posts for free resources to get you started.

Recently, Ukulele Music Info was recognized as one of the top 50 ukulele blogs and was mentioned by in “20 Funny & Crazy Things That Sell Online.”


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