Sussex, UK, 20 July 2020 – The expert team at White Rabbit Consultancy have been specialising in digital marketing, WordPress websites, SEO, email marketing and online brand management for several years. To show off their skills and in-house talent, they’ve partnered with some of the biggest players in the digital marketing arena. Read on to find out more about how you and your business can benefit.

As well as continuing to deliver fantastic performance for clients (while their competitors waiver and dwindle), even during the pandemic, this marketing freelancer and specialist crew have been working on building strong relationships with the world’s biggest names in digital marketing.

Google Business Partner

Having been awarded and retaining Google Business Partner status for two years running (including Search Specialisation). These PPC rockstars really know their stuff when it comes to optimising Google search ads and they’ve demonstrated expertise and sustained client performance in search advertising.

Specialists in reducing paid search wastage and creating engaging PPC ads with high CTR. Above all else Google Partners must demonstrate high performance by delivering strong client and company growth.

Mailchimp Expert Partners

Email marketing is at an all time high, with intelligent automated campaigns, remarketing and responsive email templates. Outstanding freelancers, agencies, designers and other marketing pros with expertise in Mailchimp are invited to apply to the Partner Program. Perks of being an official Mailchimp Partner include priority support from a specialised team, access to exclusive resources and more.

As a part of the Mailchimp Partner Program, White Rabbit gets access to:

  • Contact with the priority support team for 24/7 email and 24/5 live-chat assistance.
  • Skills recognition through their Mailchimp Experts Directory.
  • Product roadmap sneak peeks, partners-only webinars and other exclusive content.
  • Opportunities to participate in product betas and have feedback heard.
  • Access to the dedicated Mailchimp Partner Services team.

If you’re looking for a Mailchimp Expert in Sussex, who can help with email marketing or email campaign automation for a business in Brighton & Hove, White Rabbit is local to you!

GCHQ Cyber Security Network Member

The Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CiSP) is a joint industry and government initiative. Set up by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) to exchange cyber threat information. This will increase situational awareness and reduce the impact of cyber attacks on UK business.

White Rabbit is a part of the CiSP network; as an Approved Member they can access all of the great benefits this includes. Helping them to increase their own cyber security and protection; as well as provide safer services to their clients and help them to protect their business further.

TrustPilot Business Partner

The latest addition to White Rabbit’s collection of big name business partners, is the gold-standard in online reviews and reputation management. Trustpilot partners help their clients to collect and manage reviews, engage with their customers, build a trusted brand and share great feedback everywhere with the world’s most powerful review platform.

Trustpilot partners with agencies and technologies big and small, who want to bring people and companies closer together to create a better online experience for everyone. Make the buying decision easy with trusted reviews everywhere your customers are looking.

Your Digital Marketing Partner

Reap the benefits for your business and tap into the wealth of digital marketing talent that flows from this agency. Their team is ready and waiting to boost your company’s digital profile, increase your online presence, ramp up your engagements and produce more revenue. Using cost-effective and bespoke marketing strategies for your business online.

Find out more at email them with [email protected] or call the team directly on +44 (0)3300 581 580 – Do it today, bounce back and let’s get going with White Rabbit Consultancy.

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