E.J. Brooks Europe is the original security seal manufacturer, with offices scattered around the UK and Europe. E.J. Brooks is now trading as TydenBrooks Europe Ltd, with the head office now in the UK. 


United Kingdom, 7 June 2022 — TydenBrooks is a leading manufacturer of security seals, tapes, labels, and other security devices with over 350 years of combined experience in the industry. They’ve consistently exhibited market leadership through innovation, research, quality design and manufacturing on a global basis. The new entity of TydenBrooks is committed to producing competitively priced, high-quality products with a strong commitment to customer service and support.

With roots going back to the 1870s when their founder E.J. Brooks transitioned from being a lead toy maker in New York City to the first security seal manufacturer in America, they have been committed to producing competitively priced, high quality, customizable security seals with the shortest lead times and an unwavering commitment to customer service. TydenBrooks isn’t just an American security seal manufacturer. They also manufacture security seals in the UK, Europe, and South Africa, supplying and supporting the EMEA region.

Among their industries of sale, you’ll find:

  1. Security Seals for Airlines: TydenBrooks is a global manufacturer of security seals for airlines and airports. They supply indicative Plastic Security Seals, security labels, high-security container seals (bolt and cable seals), security tapes, metal security seals, meter wire seals and much more to the aviation industry.
  2. Security Seals for Freight & Logistics: Their complete range of fixed-length and pull-through plastic and metal indicative security seals provides you with an ideal sealing and identification solution for all truck and trailer applications: sealing of trailers doors, curtain siders, pallets, railcars, bulk tankers and more. 
  3. Cash-In-Transit industries: TydenBrooks UK has a long working relationship with some of the UK and Europe’s largest cash in transit companies. Throughout the relationship, TydenBrooks has designed and manufactured security seal solutions to ensure the safe transit of cash and confidential documents. 
  4. Security Seals for Retail.
  5. Bulk Liquid Tanker Barrier: These seals ensure safe and secured transportation of liquids, chemicals, liquid or dry industrial intermediates, dairy or non-dairy food grade liquids, pharmaceutical intermediates, etc., to prevent theft and adulteration of the products in transit.
  6. Security Seals for Post & Courier Industries: Some of their solutions include bespoke security labels and indicative plastic pull-up seals with metal clip inserts. And re-usable security flat and 3d security bags that use an indicative seal to secure the bag zipper inside a locking chamber.
  7. Election Security Solutions: In 2020, their head office in Atlanta, North America, became the chosen supplier for the 2020 presidential elections. Over 5 million seals were sent to polling stations across the USA. In the UK and Europe, they have been successful at implementing new tamper-evident Ballot Boxes and associated products for voting in elections on polling day. Their ballot boxes have been developed while closely working with local authorities, councils and presiding officers to create a tamper-evident system that collects and stores ballots in the chain of custody until they are ready to be counted.

As the global leader in manufacturing and supplying tamper-evident security seals, TydenBrooks is the largest and oldest manufacturer of security seal products in the world. They offer the most customizable range of security seals with short lead times to meet your industry’s needs for high-security seals, plastic and metal indicative seals, as well as security labels, tapes, security bags and much more.

For more information about their top-quality services, visit https://tydenbrooks.co.uk/ and learn more about their SecureTite and Plastic Pull Tight Seals.

Contact Info:

Name: Paul Perry
Organization: E.J. Brooks Europe ata TydenBrooks Europe Ltd
Address: 18 Stirling Park Laker Road,
Phone: 01634393570
Website: https://tydenbrooks.co.uk/