Turnedaway.ca provides hope to those who are struggling financially and have been turned away from banks.


Ontario, CA, 16 May 2022— Getting mortgage financing while struggling financially can be an arduous task. Have you been turned away by the bank? Are financial obligations posing an obstacle for you? If so, there is one company that can help!
Turnedaway.ca is here to help you financially. Turnedaway.ca aims to provide financial assistance for those struggling with private mortgages.

“There are thousands of people going through financial hardships right now, and we are working to help them all,” said a representative from Turnedaway.ca.

Turnedaway.ca can provide a variety of financial solutions for those in need. The Canadian-based company can help you get a secured line of credit.

If you are falling behind on your mortgage payments, the team can help you replace a mortgage through refinancing or secure a home equity loan.

Turnedaway.ca can help you find other alternative mortgage solutions. The difference between traditional solutions and alternative solutions is that the alternative solutions have an approach more based on common sense.

Alternative mortgage lenders are not governed the same way big banks are. Therefore, they can make exceptions and do so often.
The new mortgage rules laid out by the federal government have forced big bank mortgage lenders to reduce amortizations and cut back the size of mortgage loans. Thus, the new mortgage rules also make it harder for self-employed borrowers and limit the percentage a client can refinance their home.

This has made alternative lenders very attractive to clients, and homeowners flock to experienced mortgage brokers to arrange financing through these lenders.

“My wife and I felt completely lost and didn’t know where to go after being declined by our bank of 18 years. We were so relieved once Turnedaway advised us that there are still lenders that value a mortgage based on merits other than your credit rating. We had never missed a payment on our mortgage for 18 years, and to hear our bank say they couldn’t help us even though we owed virtually nothing on our home was heartbreaking. We couldn’t be more grateful that you helped out two complete strangers when nobody else would,” said one family that benefitted from Turnedaway.ca.

Turnedaway.ca understands that life can get in the way sometimes, and they keep this in mind when doing business.

For more information on Turnedaway.ca, you can check out the company website. Their website is filled with helpful information. Here you can learn more about alternative mortgage solution options available to you.

Let Turnedaway.ca help you out of a challenging situation today!

About Turnedaway.ca: Turnedaway.ca is Canada’s premier mortgage brokerage and private lender. Our primary objective is to help clients get mortgage financing who have been turned away by the bank or who are struggling to meet their financial obligations.

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