Asheville, North Carolina, May 12, 2020 — After serving clients in Greenville and Seneca, South Carolina, TruNorth Advisors is excited to extend their services to a new customer base in the Asheville area as of late January. TruNorth Advisors specializes in long term financial planning services, including retirement, legacy planning, investments, and more. “My team is excited to help our customers plan for the future and achieve the comfortable retirement they deserve. We want to help our customers grow their wealth, preserve their assets, and give to the people and causes they believe in,” stated Matt Dixon, Partner and Financial Advisor at TruNorth Advisors.

The new location serving Asheville is located at 15 Loop Road, Asheville, NC 28704. The full list of services includes retirement income strategies, wealth management, annuities, investments, IRA/401(k) rollovers, asset protection strategies, life insurance, tax-efficient strategies, long-term care strategies, and IRA legacy planning. TruNorth Advisors also offers referrals for the following service areas: trusts, probate, charitable giving, estate planning, and tax planning.

TruNorth Advisors decided on placing their new location in Asheville out of a love for the area and the desire to help its residents. “We are enjoying the gorgeous scenery, the diverse people we have met, and the new experiences for TruNorth Advisors in Asheville. Our team is committed to serving this beautiful community well,” Matt Dixon in Greenville shared.

TruNorth Advisors has been serving South Carolina for almost 10 years. As an independent financial services firm, they have developed a reputation for implementing custom-built to meet clients’ individual goals at TruNorth Greenville and Seneca.

For more information regarding TruNorth Advisors, call Matt Dixon at (864) 882-9859.


Matt Dixon
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(864) 882-9859
4 Leas Courtyard Drive Seneca, SC 29672