April 13, 2020: Today, more businesses rely on digital marketing to attract new customers and grow their sales. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the key digital marketing techniques that businesses are using. But doing your own SEO may not result in success. This is why many brands outsource their SEO campaigns to other companies.

There are many SEO firms. How does a business choose one? Businesses should not only choose an SEO firm with extensive SEO knowledge but also one that has knowledge in their industry. This is where Tru Power SEO comes in.

What separates Tru Power SEO is their unique approach to SEO. They look at a business’s existing online presence and create a robust campaign to enhance their digital presence even more.

Tru Power SEO’s main goal is lead generation. The sales funnel is complex and the goal is to convert prospects into paying customers. Tru Power SEO helps you generate more leads.

What also sets Tru Power SEO apart is how they intertwine your SEO strategy to lead generation. Whether you’re releasing blog posts, creating an optimized WordPress website, or any other SEO strategy, all techniques will correlate with your sales funnel.
Tru Power SEO applies multiple lead generation strategies to many industries. Take the solar industry as an example. More homeowners and business owners are switching to solar power. But there are industry-specific terms and trends that not all SEO professionals know about.

Tru Power SEO has years of experience working with solar clients, which is why they can deliver high-quality solar leads. They do this with consistent online advertising and other digital marketing strategies. Their pricing options are affordable and Tru Power SEO can work with solar companies located throughout the US.

Fitness is another great example. More people are staying healthy and active. One of the many ways people love staying in shape is by going to the gym. Weights, cardio machines, and even fitness classes are available in one spot. But there are many gyms out there and many gym owners face competition.

Gym owners will need a powerful lead generation strategy in order to attract more members. That’s why you should only trust a digital marketing company with experience in generating gym leads. With advertising and other strategies, Tru Power SEO can help attract new customers to your gym. Since gym customers are monthly or yearly-paying subscribers, these leads are longer-lasting.

About Tru Power SEO: Tru Power SEO is an American SEO and digital marketing firm. They have knowledge and networks in niche markets to ensure their clients are the leaders in their industry. Some of the industries they have expertise in include solar, mortgage, real estate, fitness, forex, doctors, roofing, windows, food, government, and insurance.
Tru Power SEO uses a combination of lead generation, advertising, SEO, and social media to improve their client’s digital visibility. They want every client to become successful and are currently accepting new customers.