North Carolina Family Law Firm Triangle Smart Divorce Welcomes Paralegal Lauren Kayani To Their Seasoned Team, Increasing The Quality Of Service The Firm Can Offer To Clients.

Cary, North Carolina, April 22, 2024—Triangle Smart Divorce is pleased to announce the latest addition to its team, Lauren Kayani. With years of valuable experience in family law, Lauren brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team. Lauren also brings a fresh perspective, fostering a collaborative environment that will further strengthen the firm’s commitment to providing excellent family law representation for all Triangle Smart Divorce clients, as well as an elevated standard of service. 

Paralegals play a pivotal role in the legal process, supporting attorneys in a variety of tasks to ensure that each case is handled efficiently. Their research skills and knowledge of various legal procedures can aid attorneys in drafting legal documents, preparing for negotiations or court, and more. They also serve as a bridge between clients and attorneys, keeping parties updated on different aspects of the case. Paralegals are truly invaluable members of the team.

Jenny Bradley, Founder, says of Lauren that she is “not just joining our team; she’s bringing a treasure chest of family law wisdom with her. We’re thrilled to have her on board and grow our client support team.”

“We are excited to have Lauren joining the Triangle Smart Divorce team. Lauren’s extensive experience in family law will undoubtedly enhance our ability to provide comprehensive and effective legal solutions to our clients.” remarks Corrie Seagroves, an attorney at the firm.

Divorce isn’t an easy process to go through, no matter what the circumstances are. Seeking professional help can be what makes the difference between unnecessary drama and reaching the best possible outcome. Having a divorce lawyer on your side who can empathize with what you’re going through, explain your legal options, and address your questions and concerns will provide you with confidence and peace of mind during and after the process.

Triangle Smart Divorce, started in 2017, isn’t a typical divorce firm. They don’t turn to the usual cookie-cutter solutions other firms might. Their firm is focused on eliminating the drama that can easily arise in the midst of divorce, custody, and similar matters. They believe that such matters can be resolved without ever having to step foot in the courtroom. They are, however, willing to fight for clients in court if necessary.

Triangle Smart Divorce is dedicated to helping clients reach the best possible outcome. They have 135+ 5-star Google reviews, 200+ years of combined experience, and are passionate about protecting smart people from making stupid mistakes when getting married or divorced.

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