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Knowing how to write an informative essay is a necessity that every student at high school or college level must know. When properly written, an informative essay basically aims to inform the reader about a particular phenomenon, event, person, or object. It is, therefore, vital that you know the different parts of an informative essay to stand out.

Essay writing isn’t  popular among students. Rather, many students consider it to be a rather laborious process. This couldn’t be far from true. Knowing how to write an informative essay requires a lot of practice and concentration.

Writing about a topic or subject that you’re utterly clueless about can be a daunting task. This is, especially, if you don’t have a solid starting point to build on. Don’t worry, My homework writers is a reliable online homework help service. We offer essay help to ensure students learn the basics for writing their papers. In addition, you can always use our service to produce some of the best informative essay samples.

This excerpt should provide you with in-depth information on the different parts of an informative essay. You will also learn of the steps you should take to come up with a compelling essay.

What Are The 5 Parts of an Informative Essay?

Most student to learn the five-paragraph essay writing process before they delve deeper into composing complex papers. As you develop and advance to higher grades, your papers become longer and more complex. Yet, you still realize that no matter the length or type of essay you write, it still performs the same function. Any good essay must present a compelling argument supporting or opposing a certain position.

Similarly, every essay, regardless of its length, follows a standard essay writing format. Our essay writing experts gives you the assurance of top-quality papers. The following is a standard essay format.

The Introduction of an essay

The very first part of any essay is the introduction. The introduction forms a critical part of any essay since it tells the reader what your essay really is about. Near the end of your introduction should  be a thesis statement that is  clear and concise. It’s, therefore, vital that your introductory statement presents your argument effectively.

Remember, make the last sentence of your introductory paragraph a transitional sentence. The last sentence should relate to the first sentence of your first paragraph.

First Body Paragraph of an essay

This forms the second section of your informative essay outline. It’s also your first body paragraph, and must, therefore, present your strongest point. The first body paragraph ought to prove the strongest point of your thesis statement. Remember, also, that the first sentence of this paragraph should tie to your introductory paragraph’s transitional sentence.

Any subsequent sentences after the first sentence will describe specific examples and points that you’re arguing about. Similar to the last sentence of your introductory paragraph, the last sentence in this paragraph should also be transitional to the first sentence of your next body paragraph.

Second Body Paragraph of an essay

This is the third section of your essay. Here, you will argue your second most important point. Write any compelling arguments that you believe will support your thesis and back your first body paragraph, if possible. Also, remember that the first sentence in this paragraph should transitionally tie to the last sentence of your first body paragraph.

Remember, your last sentence in this section should also be clear just like in the first paragraph. Ensure that your last sentence is transitional to your third body paragraph.

Third Body Paragraph of an essay

This is the fourth section of your essay and the final body paragraph. Here, you present your weakest argument while supporting your thesis statement. However, as much as it is your weakest argument, it doesn’t mean that it’s less relevant to your paper. You also don’t have to say that in your paper. Neither should you overcompensate for it by providing excessive examples.

Your third body paragraph should also have a concluding statement that informs the reader that it’s your final point. This makes it one of the most important parts of an informative essay.

The Conclusion

This marks the fifth and final part of your five-paragraph essay. This section of your essay restates your essay thesis statement. Remember, however, that the restatement cannot be a duplicate of your original thesis statement itself. It’s also always advisable to summarize all your main points and ideas in your conclusion. Finally, ensure that your final sentence informs the reader that your essay ends at that point.

How to Write a Strong Paragraph for an Introductory Essay

Your first paragraph is often aimed at grabbing your reader’s attention. You want the reader to continue reading your essay. And what usually drives attention? You must have written something interesting, funny, unusual, or mysterious to glue the reader to your paper.

As aforementioned, the introduction is one of the most vital parts of an informative essay. Your introduction will either wow the reader or make him/her turn to the next paper. Ensure, therefore, that you make every word count.

Be Funny

Everyone enjoys a good laugh, especially when you know what the writer means to express. Laughing is perhaps the easiest way to comfort your reader and prepare him/her for a further perception of your essay. Remember, however, to be very careful with how you express jokes or funny lines in your paper.

Not everyone get jokes the same way. You might find a line in your paper funny, but your professor won’t share the same expression.

What’s more, this writing method doesn’t always apply to all essays. For instance, you might want to refrain from using funny lines when writing serious, social, political, or economic issues. Nobody would appreciate jokes in an essay about homelessness, revolutions, or hunger.

Be Mysterious in your informative essay

One of the vital parts of an informative essay is its canny ability to keep the reader guessing what happens next. Professional writers and authors have mastered this particular skill. You always want to keep your reader guessing.

The best way you can do that is by incorporating all the parts of an informative essay into your writing. Remember to be mysterious while you are at it. It’s almost similar to a professional magician hosting a performance.

Your topic may be on gender inequality. But think about what your reader would imagine if you start off by asking a question about oranges and apples. What’s the point really? Your readers may wonder what’s the point of including such context in your paper. That’s the point!

Make your essay unusual

Predictability can be very boring sometimes, especially when you know what comes next. In that case, an irregular approach might be just what you need to amaze your reader. It wouldn’t hurt to ask questions in your introduction, tell stories, or speak in a roundabout way.

At this point, your imagination and creativity come handy. You will have one shot to grab your reader’s attention the first time. Don’t waste it!

Your informative essay should be interesting

You could also tell a story in your introductory paragraph. If you can somehow come up with an interesting story that sticks to the context of your paper, the better. Of course, the story shouldn’t be too long or too complicated. Your main idea and thesis must still remain relevant to the theme of your paper.

That said, it’s important to note that jokes and stories alone don’t make a good introduction. Remember that the introduction must also include a thesis statement that summarizes all your ideas and sets the direction that you want your essay to take.

The Basics of Writing an Effective Informative Essay

Knowing all the parts of an informative essay is only always half the job. You must also know how to set up your paper so that your audience always knows what you’re explaining. It’s, therefore, vital that you learn early enough how to write an informative essay, as well as the different parts of an essay.

Below is a detailed explanation of the basics of writing an effective informative essay.

Select a Topic

It’s not uncommon to have your professor assign you a topic. However, as you progress to higher grade levels, you will be given the opportunity to write essays from your own topics. When selecting your own essay topic, you must ensure that it supports the type of essay that you are expected to write.

If your professor expects you to write a general overview essay, a general topic will suffice. The vice versa is also true. If your professor instructs you to write a specific analysis topic, then your topic must be fairly specific as well.

When asked to choose your own topic, your first step will be to define the purpose of that particular topic in your paper. Do you mean to persuade the reader? Perhaps you want to explain how you can accomplish something. Maybe your essay is intended to educate the reader about a famous person, place, or thing.

Whatever your reason for writing the essay, your topic must support your idea’s purpose.

Organize Your Ideas Using an Outline or Diagram

As a writer, you will also need a solid outline to help you get started on your writing. It’s always important that you organize all your ideas and thoughts before you put anything down on paper. As such, creating an outline or diagram will allow you to organize all your thoughts. It’s, however, vital that you don’t worry or agonize over the organization process at this stage. A moderately organized essay format should do.

Some students work better when they have a flowing structure of a diagram. Whereas, others are much better using a rigid, logical outline structure for their papers.

Develop a Thesis Statement of your informative essay

After you’ve created an idea for your basic essay structure, and have all the information that you plan to share in your paper, it’s time you develop a thesis statement. A thesis statement also marks one of the most important parts of an informative essay. It outlines what the writer intends to prove in the paper. A good thesis statement must also be clear, concise, and take a position in your essay.

Still, most students find the word ‘thesis’ alone to be intimidating. It’s, however, really quite simple. A good thesis statement should inform the reader of what your paper is about and the points that you intend to make in the paper. Our thesis writing service would be ideal for anyone struggling with thesis writing.

Introduction of an informative essay

This is the first paragraph of your essay. It’s the section that introduces the reader to your idea and what your paper will address. A good introduction aims to capture the reader’s interests and attention to ensure that he/she reads through the rest of the paper.

The first sentence of your introduction paragraph must, therefore, be as interesting and captivating as possible. Anything less and your reader might not even read the rest of your essay.

The body of an informative essay

As mentioned earlier, here’s where you now explain, argue, or describe the topic you’ve chosen. Every one of your main ideas is included in the body of your paragraph. Each paragraph should always address one main idea and support your thesis statement.

It’s always advisable that you start your paragraphs by stating the supporting idea. You can then follow this up with additional sentences with supporting information, evidence, facts, or examples.

Informative essay Conclusion

As the last paragraph of your paper, the conclusion is one of the most crucial parts of an informative essay. The concluding paragraph basically restates your thesis statement but with slightly different wording than what you used in your introduction. This paragraph must also summarize the arguments presented in your essay’s paragraph body.

Ideally, the conclusion should inform the reader that your informative essay has indeed come to an end. You cannot, therefore, introduce any new ideas in this section of your paper. By the time your reader gets to your conclusion paragraph, you should be confident enough that you’ve exhausted all your key points.

Edit Your First Draft

It’s always vital that you proofread and edit every paper that you write before you submit it to your professor. Before you consider your draft as finished, ensure that you do all the necessary editing and proofreading. Our essay editing service would come in handy at this point.

Ensure that you use the correct format as instructed by your professor. The strongest points should appear in your first body paragraphs. You can always fix the other points in the middle sections of the paper.

Read and reread your essay to ensure that all of your sentences are sensible and on-topic. Your paragraphs should also flow smoothly into each other to make your paper simple and easy to read and understand. These are some of the crucial parts of an informative essay and you must pay attention to when writing.

You should also make the necessary correction when checking the grammar, spelling, and punctuation of your essay. Fortunately, you can always hire an online essay help service to help out. has a team of certified, tried, and tested writers who have the experience and expertise to handle such papers.

Post-Writing To-Do List

By now, you probably already know that essay writing doesn’t end when you finish writing your paper. That’s only always half the work. There are several other steps that you must take before your paper qualifies as complete. Below is a list of post-writing tips to follow after completing your paper:

  • Vocabulary – check the language that you have used in your paper
  • Grammar – your professor won’t appreciate having to fix your grammatical errors. So, do it yourself first
  • Coherency – check if your readers can easily understand the language that you have used in your paper
  • Peer editing – it’s always good to have a second pair of eyes check your work to validate it
  • The final touch – this stage involves transforming your paper into a full-fledged essay. Give it one more read-through to ensure you fix any small issues that you might not have caught

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To this point, it’s evident that writing an informative essay isn’t all that difficult. You only need to know the parts of an informative essay and how to incorporate them into your writing. With a little practice and persistence to improve your writing, you should get better. If not, you can always hire a professional essay writer. Place your order now and get your paper delivered within a short time.