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Hunting is a satisfying way to bring home good tasting meat. Riding out to your deer lease on a hunting bike can save you time and make carrying home that deer easier. The right hunting bike will give you torque as well as balance as you navigate all types of terrains and seasons.

What should you consider when selecting a hunting bike?

  • Torque

A bike designed for hunting needs torque. Torque can help you get up tan down steep inclines safely and in control. There are two different types you should look at if you plan to take yourself and any gear to a deer lease or reach remote hunting areas.

  • Carrying Power

A lot of motorized hunting bikes come with room on the back to carry saddlebags with supplies you will need for a day of hunting. You can carry extra ammo, water, and food along with you as you leave your cabin or pickup. Having extra supplies out at a remote deer lease can help you to stay out for longer, and having a bike to help you carry it all makes it a lot easier to get out there.

  • Towing Power

Some bikes can tow a small trailer behind them, they may lag a bit on inclines and be difficult to control, but if you are in the backcountry, they are a huge asset. A small trailer can help you haul back the buck you shoot, and to do so; you need a bike that has the powerful engine to do so.

Some types of electric hunting bikes let you carry and tow your cargo, but you will need to keep an eye on the battery and fuel gauges. They often come with a weight restriction of up to three hundred pounds, but they can make carrying supplies quick and easy.

  • Design

Most electric hunting bikes come with a sturdy aluminum frame. Aluminum is weather-resistant, lightweight, and durable. The bike, with a sturdy design, will withstand the elements and anything Mother Nature wants to through at you.

  • Suspension

The type of suspension the bike comes with can make traveling over hills and in the backcountry smooth. As a road bike or vehicle, the right amount of suspension can help cushion you on bumps and make the bike take on more rugged terrains.

  • Tires

The right tires can make a good bike fly. The wrong ones can leave you stranded. Double-check the kind of tires that comes with the bikes you are considering for durability and longevity.

Hunting bikes usually come with extra-wide tires to make the bike better able to balance on rough terrain and climb those hills. Not all the tires are good quality, and replacement tires are something you will need to consider, especially if your bike needs to go through rocks or sharp areas to get to your deer lease.

  • Weight

Most eBikes have a very similar design with a larger middle to accommodate the built-in computers. The e-bikes can usually support up to three hundred pounds without a problem, but you need to consider any loads you carry as well. Make sure you check the specifications around the bike because they can allow around fifty pounds above or below, and it will still operate correctly.

A heavier rider carrying a load will wear down the bike faster than a lighter one. It can also make doing things such as cruise up a hill more difficult while putting more strain on the suspension and wheels.

What are the best hunting bikes?

Bakcou Mule Electric Hunting Bike


The Bakcou Mule Electric Hunting Bike built for strength and carrying power. You can do a quick ride down a trail or go for long cruises in the backcountry and carry everything you need to make it enjoyable. The bike features a heavy-duty frame and comes geared for torque and climbing ability.

Considered a smart bike, the computer provides the driver with constant feedback through numerous sensors that relay brake power, speed, and gear status. Despite the motor, the bike is very natural to ride, and you feel the responsiveness through the handlebars. You control the throttle using your left thumb as you sore up and down the trails.

The bike comes with a powerful lithium-ion battery with skid-proof pedals so that you can take on all sorts of situations. With a weight capacity of three hundred pounds, you can take a lot of gear on your adventures. You will travel over thirty-five miles an hour on an SR Sport Saddle to your destination and feel how smooth the ride is.



  • The computer is as powerful as the manual describes.
  • Quiet and smooth ride for bow hunters to use without alerting the animals.
  • The design of the motor ensures you do not have to use it for all your traveling.


  • The battery dies quickly when riding up hills with a load.
  • The computer can start giving error codes without explanation.

QuietKat Warrior Electric Hunting Bike


The QuietKat Warrior Electric Hunting Bike adapts to changing terrains from woods to backcountry and powers through both. The Warrior has a thousand-watt motor and an almost twelve amp hour battery. With eight speeds to cycle through, the Warrior will see you to wherever you need to travel.

The Warrior has a quiet system, so you can ride to your deer lease without disturbing the animals. The bike is very practical in its design and strong with an increased range. You can scout trails or travel to the next ridge to see what’s coming. You can travel up to eighteen miles an hour with a battery power range of around thirty-five miles.

Snow, rain, or sun, the Warrior can power through to get you to your deer stand or vehicle. Design with large four-inch tires, the Warrior rides over uneven surfaces smoothly. Rear hydraulic disc brakes help you to stop on multiple terrains despite boggy surfaces, metal mud, or dry ground.


  • The bike has a surprisingly smooth ride.
  • The bike is easy to assemble with clear instructions.
  • Very fat tires come on the bike to help it be more stable across multiple terrains.


  • No fenders or racks included.
  • The tires can go flat easily if you ride on sharp rocks or sticks.

QuietKat Ranger Electric Hunting Bike


The QuietKat Ranger Electric Hunting Bike integrates battery and motor for seamless operation. The design of the 2020 model focuses on power with weight distribution for a better, quieter ride. The frame has an updated geometric design that helps you to balance while you accelerate.

With an adjustable suspension and mechanical disc brakes, the bike performs well on and off the road. An eight-speed drivetrain lets you change gears seamlessly. You can also adjust the wheelbase if you want to run on a single speed.

A thousand-watt motor comes with the bike to let it do whatever you need it to do. A three hundred twenty-five pound capacity ensures you can take all your hunting or camping supplies with you to your next location. The bike features a charcoal-camo color combination, so you can blend into the woods on and off the bike.

The motor features direct power that runs to the rear of the wheel. It will continue to operate with consistent power independent of the chain. The tires are twenty-six-inch fat tires that help you with balance and consistent ride smoothness. The bike uses the Mozo Coil Suspension Fork to help make that ride even better.


  • The three hundred twenty-five pound capacity helps you to carry supplies.
  • You can power over most types of the ground because of the extra-wide tires.
  • The suspension update ensures a smooth ride.


  • Fenders not included.
  • There is no side-saddle mount.


Bakcou Storm Electric Hunting Bike


The Bakcou Storm Electric Hunting Bike has the right design for climbing rocky hills and gripping as you come down them again. Built for strength, the hunting bike comes with a way to carry your gear on the back of the bike or even tow a load to and from your deer stand.

The bike has a Storm G2 suspension that gives the rider pulling power and control. A diesel engine helps the bike be hardworking as well as long-lasting. It also gives plenty of torque to tow those loads without the frame bending or flexing under stress. The motor is a smart motor that comes with built-in sensors to make slight adjustments to the efficiency and functioning as you drive.

You can drive the bike over forty miles easily using the seven hundred fifty-watt engine. You can control the bike and adjust your settings using the built-in Full-color LCD. A left thumb throttle lets you set the pace with a high-quality aluminum frame to withstand the power.

The bike comes with a load capacity of up to three hundred pounds and wide tires to support the extra weight. You can control the bike with skid-proof wide stance pedals and an ergonomic handlebar.


  • The bike is easy to control, even with the added power.
  • You can adjust your speed without taking your eyes off the trail.
  • The bike is very easy to balance on for all kinds of riders.


  • Expensive.

Rambo Rebel Electric Hunting Bike


Rambo spared no expense in building the most extreme offroad fat bike and every customer request has been designed so that the Extreme Rider will only be satisfied with the best.

The 21 amp battery can give you a maximum distance of 75 miles at an average speed of 30

Controlling a motor with your left-hand bar gears with right-hand bar makes riding super easy and enjoyable.

Bafang 1000W is super powerful and is therefore for those adrenaline seekers


  • Build for toughness.
  • Powerful Motor
  • Good Battery life


  • No Fenders, no racks included.
  • Expensive


Final Thoughts

Hunting with a hunting bike can be very easy to do with the right equipment. Diesel or electric, the right combination of technology and torque can get you to and from your deer lease without a problem. The best bike to manage the ride is the Bakcou Storm Electric Hunting Bike.

The Bakcou Storm Electric Hunting Bike is as strong as they come. It has a mid-drive motor with an integrated torque sensor and can travel over forty miles on a single charge, which outdistances several older models. The bike comes with the ability to carry supplies with the optional saddle extension, and it comes with ground-gripping tires.