If you are thinking about hiring a web designer, either to update your existing website or to build a new online digital presence, then here are 5 important things that you should consider.


Customer Service

Designing a website is a process that requires good communication. Go for the company that demonstrates excellent communication skills and who are professional in their approach. Many web designers will boast their amazing design skills (which are important) but those skills won’t mean anything if you can’t translate the skills of the designer into a website that works for the exact needs of your business.


Planning & Process

You want a web designer that is organized, who has a well-defined process, and that makes the various stages of the design process easy to understand and follow along. Proper planning prevents poor performance; this saying couldn’t be more important than in web design because there are several steps involved in creating an outstanding business website.



The cheapest option might not be the best, and the most expensive option might not be the best – price largely depends on the needs of your specific project and business. It is important to discuss price (and all that it entails) upfront so that you can avoid any unforeseen costs down the road.


Proposal & Agreement

If a web designer can’t provide you with a customized proposal and well-defined agreement or contract for your project, then you should consider looking at other options. A good proposal will include all of the important aspects of your website needs and will present an initial roadmap of how your web designer plans to successfully deliver on the project requirements. A proper web design agreement will include all of the deliverable components of the design project, term, expected length of the project, and required material from the client, and payment information. You’ll want to make sure to read this document carefully and understand what it says. Ask questions if you need further clarification and don’t be afraid to ask for changes to better accommodate your business needs.



Find out if the web designer you are considering has a good record of success and make sure that they have experience creating sites like the one you are envisioning. If you have specific requirements for your industry, be sure that the designer has previous experience working with your requirements. Finding a freelancer with all of the right skills for a variety of industries can be challenging, so this is an area where hiring a web design agency can pay off. With an agency, you have the safety net of knowing that the agency’s team is comprised of a large number of highly skilled designers, programmers, developers, and managers that collectively contribute to the success of your web design project.


The web designers at Department 14 Marketing are committed to working with the right clients in order to provide excellent project results. The D14 team is available to answer questions and encourages careful consideration before selecting a web designer for your next website project.