Whether you’re a business traveler, a weekend Winnebago warrior, or one of the 220 million Americans that spend over an hour in their car each day, you know how expensive gas is. Wouldn’t it be nice if you received a discount at the pump?

Many credit card companies now offer that option to their customers. Fuel points give you a discounted rate on gas for everyday purchases. These points add up over time and can save you serious money.

If you’re wondering what the best credit cards for gas are, we’ve got the information you need. Read on to learn how you can stop having a panic attack every time your gas gauge starts flashing!

Blue Cash Preferred Card from American ExpressProceed

This American Express card lets you earn points back on almost every purchase you make. Supermarket purchases give you 6% back up to $6,000 annually, at which point the cash back goes to 1%.

You’ll also receive 3% at gas stations and certain dept. stores, and 1% cash back on almost everything else. Everyday purchases, such as groceries and fuel, put money in your pocket, allowing you to save hundreds of dollars per year. There is a $95 annual fee, but you’ll more than make up for that with the cash back options.

Almost every vendor accepts American Express, so you’ll never have to worry about a store turning you away. You could earn hundreds of dollars every year doing what you love: shopping.

Discover It Secured – One Of The Best Credit Cards For Gas With No Credit

If you have bad or poor credit, you might need to get a secured credit card to build your credit. Most of these cards don’t have the popular benefits of unsecured cards.

A secured card means that you deposit money into an account. You then use the card as you would a regular credit card. In essence, you’re paying for things now, and paying interest, but your credit score improves in the process. Your initial deposit is refundable with a good payment history, however.

With the Discover It Secured card, you’ll receive many of the perks you would with a regular card. Each quarter, you’ll receive 2% cash back when you use your card at restaurants and gas stations, up to $1,000. Every other purchase gives you 1% cash back.

The best perk of this card is the matching funds that Discover offers. For the first year of use, Discover matches your cashback, meaning you’ll make your initial deposit back and then some.

There’s also no annual fee! If you want to get your credit back on track, this is the card for you.

Discover It Student Chrome

Discover makes it back on our list with another specialized card, this time for students. If you’re a student that wants to build credit and get some cash back for your needs, the Discover Student Chrome card is perfect for you.

Like the previous Discover card, you’ll get 2% on restaurant and gas station purchases up to $1000 and 1% on everything else. There’s also no annual fee for using the card.

What sets this card apart is the good grades bonus. If you keep your GPA at 3.0 or above, you get a $20 dollar bonus. The bonus is available for up to five years. You get paid to go to class!

The Marathon Visa Credit Card

If you live near a Marathon gas station, and most people do, this card is a must-have.

For every month that you charge at least $1000, you get an astounding .25 cent rebate for every gallon of gas that you pump. If a gallon of gas is three dollars, and you get ten gallons, that’s $2.50 you save with every fill-up.

If you don’t spend $1000 but spend at least $500, you get .15 cents back on every gallon. If you’re a lite spender, don’t worry: you still get a discount. Spend at least $100 dollars a month on your card and you’ll receive .05 cents back on every gallon.

It’s impossible to find a gas card that offers that steep of a discount for every gallon of gas. You’ll alleviate some of the pain of going to the pump knowing that you’re paying far less than the person next to you.

ExxonMobil Gas Credit Card

If you want a credit card for gas only or one that’s not backed by Visa/MC/AMEX/Discover, the ExxonMobile card is for you. The card is for consumers with fair or better credit and doesn’t charge an annual fee. You don’t have to worry about any surprises on your monthly statement.

The first two months you have the card, you’ll receive .12 cents back on each gallon of gas you purchase. After the two month period is up, you’ll still get .06 cents back. These discounts are only available at Exxon and Mobil gas stations.

While you can’t use the card anywhere else, it’s a great way to save yourself some money each week if you have a long commute to school or work. Since Exxon and Mobil gas stations are all around the world, you’ll have extra money to spend on those long road trips as well.

Find The Best Gas Card For Your Situation

best credit cards for gasFinding the right card to fit your situation is a difficult task. There are hundreds of cards out there, each with their own criteria for accepting applications.

At Bonsai financial, we help eliminate a lot of the work that goes into looking for the best credit cards for gas. All you have to do is fill out a short form and we’ll work to find the best card for you.

We’re an online marketplace that searches through credit card companies so you don’t have to. Whether you want to make your credit card work for you or you’re looking for a way to rebuild your credit, get started today.